“Back in a “Flash”: The Quiet Return of Scott Norton


Fast forward to January 2017; the place was the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. On a night that saw an incredible main event between Kazuchicka Okada and Kenny Omega dominate headlines (with good reason), another story worth talking about was occurring on the pre-show of “Wrestle Kingdom 11” in the annual 14 man “New Japan Rumble” as Scott Norton made a surprise return to action and competed, promptly hitting Ryusuke Taguchi with a power bomb and scoring a pinfall elimination. As he entered at #14, I lit up like my 11 year old self, instantly remembering the letter and all of the excitement I felt as a child all over again. A day after competing at WK11, Norton returned once again, competing in a 10 man tag team contest against the Bullet Club in a winning effort and I couldn’t have been more elated for him to be back in action, so much so I felt the need to sit down and write about it even though I wasn’t exactly sure how much of an article I could make out of it, all I knew going in was I wanted to give this man a well deserved round of applause in honor of his moment. Sure it wasn’t a highly touted return leading into a “Wrestlemania” main event spot or a “legends” contract, but for those of us who grew up a fan of the man called “flash” it was an amazing moment to witness after all of these years. Sadly, through the decades, I lost that interview page and those signed pictures in the many moves from state to state, each one of those brittle paper pages suffering folds, creases and pinholes from being taken on and off bedroom walls, but the memories of them and what they meant to my life will stick with me forever.

While this piece became more of a “thank you” then it was a “welcome back”, either way, you sure are appreciated, Scott.  I hope this article is a fitting “tip of the hat” to you and your career and my hopes are that it will continue on just a bit longer. May we all take a moment today and remember to feel nostalgic.

You can catch Scott Norton wrestling for the @WrestleCircus promotion in Austin, TX on February 19th, 2017, you can also follow him @scottnorton and be sure you follow me on twitter @NicholasGrooms for more articles and stories.


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