Backstage Fight Stories: JBL vs. Joey Styles


In the first two installments of “Backstage Fight Stories,” I have shared the tales of backstage fights involving one wrestler fighting another. The first edition of this series featured the story behind the vicious fight between Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson that resulted in both men going to the emergency room after being stabbed by a pair of scissors.

The second installment of this series featured the story behind another vicious backstage fight involving Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner, where Steiner tried ripping one of DDP’s eyes out of the socket.

This time, we’re going to look at one of my personal favorites. Instead of wrestler vs. wrestler, we’re going to look at what happens when a notorious bully meets his match. No, it wasn’t another muscled-up in-ring competitor who finally gave JBL what he had coming, but instead a small, somewhat nerdy pro wrestling announcer who fans love due to his passion and tremendous ability as an announcer. That’s right folks, Mr. “Oh My God!” himself — Joey Styles.

JBL, who has had his share of real-life altercations with a number of wrestlers, is known for being one of the biggest bullies in the history of pro wrestling. He is also one of the founding fathers behind WWE’s “Tribute To The Troops” events, one of which is set to take place in just over a week at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Fort Lewis, Washington.

During the WWE’s “Tribute To The Troops” special event in 2008 in Iraq, JBL set his bullying sights on the former voice of ECW, Joey Styles. JBL relentlessly hazed Styles throughout the tour, calling him a number of unpleasant names and even purposely spilling a drink on him at one point. Styles finally had enough.

As the story goes, JBL picked on Styles for several days until he said or did something that angered Styles to the point that he decided to physically retaliate. Apparently a number of wrestlers tried to break things up, but Styles threw a huge hay-maker punch that caught the big Texan and dropped him. That’s right boys and girls, Styles knocked out JBL. JBL suffered a black eye and a laceration under the same eye as a result of the solo punch that Styles connected with.

At the next WWE television taping, JBL was apparently a bit humbled and pretty much stayed to himself that evening. It was the talk of the town in WWE that particular night, with Styles trying to downplay the situation.

More often than not a guy would lose his job for such an altercation, but in this particular instance, Styles was viewed as a hero by many wrestlers and other employees in the company who had dealt with the bullying tactics of Mr. Layfield at one point or another. In fact, many believe that Styles, who is now in charge of WWE’s official website, earned respect in the eyes of many, including Vince McMahon himself, for defending himself against the former World Heavyweight Champion.

It just goes to show you that in the end, a bully will always get what’s coming to him. It also proves that anything can happen in a fight, as no one in the world would ever expect a scrawny announcer like Styles would be capable of winning a legitimate fight against a giant pro wrestler like JBL. Sure, JBL was loaded and Styles landed a lucky punch, but in the end, justice was served.

Joey Styles won a real-life fight against JBL …”Oh…my…god!”

So there you have it. Join us next time where we will take a look at another real-life fight in the not-so-real world of professional wrestling. Until next time, this has been another installment of the ongoing series, “Backstage Fight Stories.”

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