​Backstage News – Dewey Foley’s Current WWE Creative Team Role & How Long It Runs, More


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Dewey Foley’s new stint with WWE’s creative team is said to very possibly be a temporary one depending on how well he does. Dewey, the son of Mick Foley, is currently scheduled to work through WrestleMania season with the possibility of his stay being extended if he does really well in the position.


Dewey’s job won’t have a lot of real influence on storylines; one of his tasks, for example, is to take scripts to WWE talent and go over it with them. Foley will both work from home as well as at some events.

While the job doesn’t start off with a lot of creative power, it’s of course a way into the company and could eventually lead to him becoming a writer for the show.

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