​Backstage News – Major Main Roster Plans For Tyler Breeze


UPDATE: As you know by now, Tyler Breeze débuted on WWE SmackDown Thursday night and as rumored, he’s been paired up with Summer Rae. Here is a recap from a WWE SmackDown report:

Miz welcomes us to Miz TV. Miz said that he has had his own share of Hollywood Drama. Miz said that he hasn’t seen anything like the four way love triangle with Rusev, Lana, Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler. Miz brings out Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler ask Miz what’s up. Miz said that Ziggler is the heart throb of the WWE and Ziggler has more relationships then George Clooney. Miz ask Ziggler how he feels about his relationship with Lana coming to a end via TMZ? Ziggler says that he knows that Miz is not that much of a wrestler anymore. Ziggler tells Miz that Lana is a grown woman and that she could do whatever she wants. Ziggler said that when it comes to Summer Rae she was using Rusev. Ziggler said that Summer tried to use him and usually he would be down for that, but when it comes to her yea not that much. Miz says that either way Ziggler drove Lana to Rusev arms. Miz introduces Summer Rae. Miz said that Summer has been treated the worst out of everybody in this love triangle.


Summer said that this is all in the past. Summer said that even though Ziggler continues to deny it there is chemistry between the both of them. Ziggler tells Summer that he’s going to stop her right there. Ziggler tells Summer that he’s not that interested in her. Summer ask Ziggler if he thought that she was going to come out there and propose to him? Summer laughs and says that she’s moved on. Summer says that she’s found a new man and wants Ziggler to see what a real man is. Tyler Breeze comes out. Breeze says that clearly he’s a man who needs no introduction. Breeze tells Ziggler that he can’t get past 1985. Breeze says that they call him the king of cuteville and the sultan of selfie’s. Breeze said that Ziggler can call him Tyler Breeze. Breeze calls Ziggler a ugo. Breeze said that he and Summer are going to give WWE a must needed facelift. Breeze and Summer take a selfie. Breeze tells Ziggler that prince pretty has arrived. Ziggler said that he’s seen a thousands of guys like Breeze come and go and calls Breeze a lazy millenial. Breeze attacks Ziggler. Breeze attacks Ziggler’s throat with the Selfie Stick and is forced to be seperated by the referee’s. Summer and Breeze take a selfie and walk away.

ORIGINAL: As we previously reported, Tyler Breeze is expected to arrive on the main roster very soon. According to sources, WWE has already prepared a new entrance theme for Tyler Breeze for when he makes his debut. Breeze will keep his NXT gimmick and WWE is working on other ideas for him. It’s believed that they have plans to sell Tyler Breeze “selfie sticks” as well. WWE officials expect them to be huge sellers at live events and TV tapings.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that Summer Rae may be paired with Breeze as his manager. As previously reported, the plans for the Rusev/Summer Rae “wedding” have been scrapped after news leaked out that Lana and Rusev are engaged in real-life. They were not happy with the news leaking and immediately scrapped the wedding storyline from TV. Summer Rae previously worked with Breeze at a WWE live event in Raleigh, North Carolina this past May.

Breeze was backstage at Monday’s WWE RAW broadcast in Dallas, Texas but obviously didn’t appear on camera.

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