​Backstage News – The Reason Why WWE Pulled Stampede Wrestling From The WWE Network


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The pulling of Stampede Wrestling episodes from the WWE Network has to do with ownership rights to the footage. Bret Hart owns the rights to his footage and found out that the Network had added Stampede episodes via social media.


Hart then contacted Mark Carrano in WWE, who said that WWE owned all Stampede footage after a deal was made with Bruce and Ross Hart. That turned out to be inaccurate as Bret’s parents gave him the rights to all his own content before they died. Hart then contacted Vince McMahon and WWE’s Scott Amann, saying that the footage needed to be taken down. The agreement between WWE and Ross Hart stipulated that Bret owns the rights to all footage involving him.

McMahon then had all Stampede footage be removed from the WWE Network until the situation is resolved.

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