​Backstage News – Was Mick Foley Involved In Getting His Son A Creative Team Role With WWE?


Source: Pwinsider.com

Mick Foley had very little involvement in his son Dewey getting hired as a creative assistant by WWE. Mick’s only involvement was that he told them of the interest and asked who Dewey should email his samples to. Dewey did most of the work on his own.


A number of people in the company reportedly liked his creative writings and ideas, which is what got him the job. Among the fans of his work was Triple H. A number of people in the company were “shocked” at fan speculation that Mick was using his Facebook posts criticizing WWE as a way to help Dewey, and that it is likely he didn’t do his son any favors with them. Dewey could have a bit of heat coming in as a result of Foley’s criticism.

Dewey Foley begins his work with the company as a creative assistant in January.

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