Backstage ​Report – ‘Nuclear Heat’ On WWE Diva Lana For Multiple Reasons


UPDATE x 4: According to sources, WWE Diva Lana currently has “nuclear heat” backstage for several reasons. One reason is her social media feud with Paige, which is not something that is a planned storyline. It’s also believed that she is the one who leaked the news of her engagement with Rusev, which ended the Lana/Rusev/Dolph Ziggler/Summer Rae storyline early. The feeling is that she was not happy with the “cheating” storyline and used the media leak to TMZ as a way to have WWE end the angle without her having to notify WWE management that she didn’t want to take part in it. Of course, WWE tells their talent to speak up if there is ever something they don’t want to do but it’s a double standard as they are then “jobbed out” for months on end if they decline an angle.

WWE officials are also not happy that Lana has made several cryptic comments on social media.

UPDATE x 3: The Twitter drama between Paige and Lana has come down hardest on Lana backstage. The public online argument began when Lana said something on Twitter which was quickly deleted, leading to the two going back and forth on Twitter. Lana accused Paige of bullying her in NXT.

According to sources, Lana got the bulk of the heat over the incident, which is the latest in problems WWE has had with her since her engagement with Rusev became public which forced the Summer Rae/Rusev angle to be nixed.

As previously reported, WWE officials were not happy that the news leaked out while they had a major wedding storyline planned between Rusev and Summer Rae that immediately had to be scrapped. Many believe Lana leaked the marriage story to the media (TMZ) as she wasn’t happy with the angle and this was her way of letting WWE officials know without actually confronting them knowing it’d automatically draw heat on her.

UPDATE x 2: For what it’s worth, a source reports that the Lana/Paige Twitter dust-up is not an angle and has been a “discussion point within WWE this week.”

UPDATE: Summer Rae has chimed in on the a conversation, defending Paige against Lana’s claims of bullying…

ORIGINAL: After last night’s main event angle on RAW (where Paige and Charlotte used the death of Reid Flair to advance their angle), Paige has been fielding a lot of hate on social media. Injured WWE Diva Lana had posted something to Paige and then deleted it, which led to the following back and forth…

I actually wanted to write a longer paragraph about you. We both know you bullied me in @WWENXT
— Lana (@LanaWWE) November 17, 2015

Stop trying to get a storyline.
— PAIGE (@RealPaigeWWE) November 17, 2015

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