Backstage Report – ​Prince Puma Wants To Talk During Season Two + Free ROH Women’s Match (Video)


— According to, Prince Puma (Ricochet) has made a request to the producers of Lucha Underground; he wants to talk in season two. During season one of the series, the Prince Puma character never spoke (although they teased it a few times) as Konnan served as his mentor/mouthpiece. While discussing plans for the new season, which starts taping next weekend, Puma expressed interest in having his character speak. The report states that he doesn’t want long monologues; he just wants to show his worth on the microphone. They also add that he is locked into a three-season deal with the promotion.

— ROH has released their Women of Honor Wednesday match, featuring Leah Von Dutch vs. Crazy Mary Dobson…


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