​Backstage Report: TNA Making Major Internal Business Changes, Payroll Involved, & More – Details


Source: Pwinsider.com

According to sources, TNA has been making changes to their organizational structure over the last several weeks. Several aspects of their business, including their payroll and legal departments, have been moved in-house as opposed to having them go through owners Panda Energy.

According to sources, the way that payroll used to work involved the invoices being sent to Panda Energy’s offices in Texas, where they were scrutinized before the checks were cut and mailed out. This is at least part of the reason for the widely reported delays in paychecks to talent and crew, with those in the Nashville offices saying that the outsourcing caused the delays. As of today, everyone is current on their pay.

The belief is that moving the payroll and legal departments in-house will help move things along quicker within the company. Despite some rumors to the contrary, it is said that Panda is not preparing to cut TNA loose and will still be the owners; this will just allow TNA to operate more independently.

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