​Backstage Report: TNA Reportedly Bringing Back A Major Former Superstar – Details


It appears that while questions about TNA’s future on Destination America still lingering, the company is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. There has been word circulating within the company that someone from TNA’s past is returning to work with the company. This is one of their “major announcements” that are coming shortly.

The company has been teasing big announcements as of late, so this could be one of them. While the identity of the talent isn’t known, they are said to be playing a big role in TNA on their return.

It should be noted that even if TNA loses their Destination America TV deal, the company plans to continue running live events and overseas tours for now as they would obviously continue to work on getting a new TV deal before officially “throwing in the towel” on the promotion. Due to the fact that they are currently under a TV contract with Destination America, they are “prohibited” from talking with other networks right now. Of course, who knows if TNA has been “secretly” talking with other networks as that often happens in the television industry.

Hulk Hogan anyone?! That’s just PURE SPECULATION on our part.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

ORIGINAL: There has been a lot of talk as of late regarding the future of TNA and its relationship with Destination America. There is a lot of major concern behind-the-scenes in TNA on the future of the company. It is now September, and there is no word yet on the company’s status on Destination America. As previously reported, September is rumored to be the final month of TNA on Destination America. The company has taped the next several weeks of iMPACT! Wrestling in advance, and there are no tapings set for future episodes. In addition, other international versions of the Discovery Network have started pulling iMPACT! Wrestling.

According to the previous reports, Destination America sent an internal memo that the company was “opting out” of its multi-year deal with TNA wrestling. In addition, TNA being pulled not necessarily due to poor ratings, but because of production costs and the difficulty Destination America had selling advertising during TNA’s air time. Unfortunately for TNA, ratings have not improved since the show moved to Wednesday.

TNA officials insist that major announcements are coming very soon. However, the officials who are talking do not even know for sure if iMPACT! Wrestling will stay on Destination America after September. In TNA’s deal with Discovery Communications, one point was Discovery would be able to syndicate iMPACT! Wrestling in any market where TNA didn’t already have an existing TV deal. TNA has yet to make an announcement for future TV tapings.

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