Backstage Report – Vince McMahon Reportedly Upset At Rusev/Lana Engagement Reports Leaking


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

According to sources, Vince McMahon wasn’t pleased that the story of Lana and Rusev getting engaged became public news. WWE was fully aware that the story was breaking in advance and turned it into a storyline, but McMahon was unhappy that it came out so early

The reason for McMahon’s displeasure had nothing to do with the engagement, but about maintaining character and storyline in public. Of course, Lana and Rusev were not together on-screen when the story broke, which led to WWE rushing ahead with their storyline switch to compensate

It was noted that WWE plugged how TMZ broke the story, which is something they only do when they have a good relationship with the outlet and are aware of it breaking ahead of time.

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