Backstage Report – Alberto El Patron’s Lucha Underground Future In Question


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

According to sources, Alberto El Patron’s status for season two of Lucha Underground is said to be up in the air. Several sources say that El Patron is unlikely to return and that the issues are both financial and creative (his pay and the fact that he did not get to main event Ultima Lucha). Those close to the situation say that Patron can get out of his contract with the promotion. Patron was the promotion’s highest paid wrestler, and was presented as a top face during season one. The feeling from his side was that he was promised the show would be built around him and he didn’t see that as happening.

TNA has once again reached out to Patron, just as they did when he was released from WWE. They have reportedly told him that they will make him the top star of the promotion if he comes in. The thing here is that TNA needs to make sure that he is free and clear to avoid a Hernandez situation. The feeling is that with TNA working limited dates that he could still work AAA.

There is interest from New Japan as well, but they will not use him if he is still with AAA, and Patron is the AAA Champion at this time. AAA’s financial comeback has been in large due to Patron and Mysterio attracting new sponsors and promoters. This has allowed for more attention on the promotion and allowing some of the younger stars to finally get a spotlight

WWE also wants him back, and never wanted to let him go in the first place. He had been told by Triple H during a phone call to just take the six months off and let things die down after he slapped an employee over racist comments. Patron was told he’d be brought back in six months, but he said that if the situation wasn’t settled during the phone call, it would never be settled.

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