Backstage Update On The Recent Rumor Regarding Kevin Dunn, Kevin Owens & Randy Orton


Source: The Wrestling Observer

UPDATE: As previously reported, Kevin Dunn trended worldwide on Twitter this week after there were rumors that he was the one who told Randy Orton to make fun of Kevin Owens’ weight on RAW.

According to sources, the rumor is false, as neither Dunn nor Vince McMahon told Randy to make the comments.

ORIGINAL: Following a report earlier today that Randy Orton’s comment about Kevin Owens’ weight on RAW was a deliberate dig that may have come from Kevin Dunn, Dunn has been trending on Twitter.

Dunn has previously been reported as pushing for “depushing NXT callups” like Bo Dallas, Paige and Adam Rose in order to stymie Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s influence. The report caused many fans to take to social media to complain about Dunn, which caused the trending mention.

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