So Bad, It’s Good: The 10 Best/Worst Entrance Themes Sung By Wrestlers


As I sit here with Itunes on shuffle and the “Federation Years” portion of the “WWE: Anthology” record blaring in my ears, it riled up a bit of nostalgia and made me want to compile a brief list of the most memorable pro-wrestling entrance themes that were sung by the wrestlers themselves and despite the terrible singing or shotty lyrics, captured our attention and made us smile anyways. Please do not be offended if I miss a theme you admire or you feel is more worthy then the few on this list, as this is merely a look at back at the few that pop into my head and stand out above the others. I hope you will enjoy this quick look back at the “best-worst entrance themes sung by professional wrestlers.” (in particular order)

10) Shawn Michael-Sexy Boy 

Let’s get this one out of the way right now. Possibly the most popular entrance tune sung by the actual superstar is without a doubt Shawn Michaels “Sexy Boy”, which was his staple song throughout his singles career. Most people don’t mind Shawn’s poor singing when considering how bad the Sherri Martel version of the song was and find that we are much better off with Shawn on the track than the sound of Sherri seemingly sawing a bag of cats in half for the duration of the song. Don’t believe me? Give it a listen. I posted the Sherri version in case you have never heard it. Side note: Sherri fans, I love Sherri, just not her singing.


9) Quebecers-We’re Not the Mounties 

Seemingly recorded after a long night of drinking, this ridiculous tune was one that is mostly popular for the sheer hilarity rather than a song to be taken seriously; as most songs where a Rogeau is involved. Its off key, off tempo, and possibly worse than a teenage garage band full of beginners; but if you’re a wrestling buff this one of those songs that pre-dates the “rick roll” when trolling your wrestling friends on the internet. For the sake of your ears, do not listen in headphones.

8) Enzo Amore/Big Cass-SAWFT is a Sin

I had to throw in something new and the first tune that came to mind was the well known theme belonging to Enzo and Cass; a tune you dont usually notice even has lyrics unless you sit down and listen to it past Enzo & Cass’s entrance. With terrible lyrics like “Im hot like salsa, you soft like balsa” and “Nice to meet ya, so good to sees ya” its hard to believe this song has caught the attention of so many fans. Regardless, the team gets a huge pop everytime the song hits and they make their way down the aisle. Past the initial part of the song, there is only one word to describe the best way to listen to this song and I am gonna spell it out for ya…M-U-T-E….MUUUUUUUTTTTE!

7) John Cena-Word Life (Basic Thuganomics) 

“So you think you’re untouchable…” How many of your friends cringe when you remind them they used to like John Cena back in the day before he was the face of WWE? How many of you thought John Cena had legitimate music talent and bought his album? For those who have forgotten, the John Cena everyone hates now used to be an extremely popular character who would poorly freestyle and teach the world about “Basic Thuganomics”. Believe it or not, alot of people used to cheer when his music hit. The amount of those people that admit they used to cheer on the other hand…a very small number.

6) Honky Tonk Man-Cool, Cocky, Bad

When you’re longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time and possibly the only one on this list with any musical ability, how could Honky Tonk Man’s “Cool, Cocky, Bad” not make the list? While the premise of the song and the character appear cheesy, HTM made both work and cements himself a well deserved spot in the history of professional wrestling. His shoot interviews are equally as entertaining.

5) Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase- Everybody’s Got a Price

One of the most iconic pro wrestling theme songs of all time. Ted Dibiase had the good sense to use his signature speaking voice and laugh to make this track memorable and didnt try and sing a single word of it. The results: Awesome.

4) The Fabulous Rogeau’s-All American Boys

“We dont like heavy metal, we dont like rock and roll, all we like to listen to is Barry Manilow” Possible my all time favorite bad wrestling theme is “All American Boys” by The Fabulous Rogeau’s. With a 1980’s sound and lyrics that make Limp Bizkit look artistic, its hard to top the horrible goodness that is this nostalgic classic. If you get a chance there is also a really good version of this song sung by The Big Show kicking around online.

3) Rap is Crap-Curt Henning & The West Texas Rednecks

He can throw a football the length of the field, sink a basketball from anywhere on the court, and out wrestle just about anyone he ever stepped in the ring with; Yet this theme song proves Curt Henning wasn’t completely perfect. Though the tune is terrible, I cant ever go without singing it when it shuffles through my itunes. R.I.P to one of the greatest to ever step into the ring.

2) R-Truth- What’s Up?

A complete annnoyance and hard to understand, yet its still fun to yell “Whats Up!” according to the WWE universe. Need I say more?

1) Fabulous Freebirds-Badstreet USA

Was there any doubt that this would be on the list? Michael Hayes has always been a favorite of mine and this song is one for the history books. Hayes even performed it during the WWE Hall of Fame a couple of years back and got a great reception for doing so. The Freebirds were definitely innovators in more than one way…from being great tag team pioneers to being innovators of bad wrestling theme songs, the Freebirds could do it all.

I hope you have enjoyed this list. From past to present, we have been privvy to some unusual wrestling themes both good and bad, but none more interesting than those sung by the wrestlers themselves. Was there any on this list I missed? Be sure to follow me @NicholasGrooms on twitter and lets talk all things wrestling!

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