Bad Influence Should Be Tag Team Champions


Bad Influence is a tag team in TNA as many of you know if you watch TNA and not just hate everything they do on a weekly bases.


Christopher Daniels and Kaz are the best tag team wrestlers in TNA right now and also are one of the most entertaining guys in TNA. Any segments they are in they steal the show.

With the Bro-Man’s (Jesse and Robbie E) tag team champions, it is a shame that they are. I like Robbie E, I think he is a decent wrestler and has to put a silly character on TV each and every week.

It is not an easy task at all. He does his best, but how far can you really go with this character? Can he be a serious TNA champion? Or possible world heavyweight champion? No not in my opinion.

With all of that being said, you have a weak tag team division that used to be the leading company in all of wrestling with the best tag team division. What happened? Well wrestlers were released, dropped off of TV or broken up. Now we have what we have now and it’s not the best.

It is watchable, but do you really wanting them (Jesse and Robbie E) to be called your champions?

Bad Influence has proven in the past that they can handle the load as champions. Daniels has been one of the top stars in TNA since day one and Kaz has been as well.

Both guys have paid their dues and yes I understand they were champions in 2012, but look at the champions after them (Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, James Storm and Gunner).

Since being paired up in 2011 they have been tag team champions twice. They held the titles two separate times in 2012 and their last run with the belts lasted 108 days.

Most of their story-lines are a bit dumb and have no meaning with them. As of right now, they revealed that Joseph Park is really Abyss. OK? If you wanted to do the storyline then fine? I’m ok with it, but do not have it be dragged out since November at “Turning Point” special on free TV. They could have knocked out the feud in a month or two then called it a day.

It’s time for them to have another shot at the titles and I believe they can be a dominating presence in the tag team division. I will say it once again, Bad Influence Should Tag Team Champions.

I want to hear your opinions in the comment area below. What do you think? Should they be the next tag team champions? Or should someone else be champions? I know you have your opinions and I want to hear it.

Thanks for reading along and keeping it locked to for your latest news.

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