​Balls Mahoney Discusses Paul Heyman Knowing How To Handle His Problems & The Original ECW, More


The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently interviewed former ECW star Balls Mahoney. Below are some highlights.

Balls Mahoney on what he did to stand out in the original ECW: “Now today fans mostly remember the Kelly-Kelly angle I did, but the real fans don’t remember that ECW. When Vince had the opportunity to bring it back, he could have had his own competition. If Paul E had taken control and they signed an agreement to let him run things, ECW would still be going today. It was destroyed; look at Vince and the WCW angle. If you had come to any ECW show when ECW was hot, any house show was better then any Pay Per View that’s on now. For two years I worked Rob Van Dam every night, 45 minutes on some nights. Our thing in ECW was if you couldn’t follow me then get behind me. You didn’t get your spot by kissing ass or by politicking. History doesn’t understand how loyal Paul was and whether you say good things or bad things about Paul E if he called me tomorrow and said I am starting up a company, I’d say I’d be there.”

Mahoney on how Paul Heyman knew how to handle his problems: “Paul E should have fired me at least two dozen times. In any other company at least seven times I would have been fired, blackballed, blacklisted for some reason or another and that’s just the bad stuff. I’m talking the stuff he actually knew was going on. I’m talking about walking around naked in a drug-induced state. We were in Pittsburgh and I had taken some medication that wasn’t mine and that was given to me to calm me down, I went to Paul E and started complaining about money and cursing him out, all while stark naked and Paul, just said to give me whatever money to get me out of there. Then I couldn’t find my bags and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs to the owner of the company. Did I get fired? No. But at the upcoming pay per view I was supposed to win a belt and that was my punishment because he didn’t put the belt on me.”

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