Battleground 2015 Predictions


What’s that saying? Third time’s the charm? In WWE’s first two editions of Battleground, it’s useless to say that it has gotten off to a slow start and many have called for this PPV to come down. However, with John Cena and Kevin Owens fighting over the United States Championship and Seth Rollins fighting Brock Lesnar in the main event, there may be a one-night awakening of this PPV. With that said here my bold, well somewhat bold, predictions of who will reign supreme this Sunday. By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Ryback had a staph infection discovered (insert your Z-pack and CM Punk kharma jokes here) and will not be able to defend the title this Sunday. At least we were spared from what what sure to be the worst match on the card. Hopefully The Big Guy can recover fast. With all the injuries in WWE, we really can’t afford any more bodies to go down. Such is the curse of holding the Intercontinental Title I suppose.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Hey, remember this? The build to this match, if nothing else, is a mere microcosm what WWE’s issue is with booking these days. First, Orton and Sheamus square off in a boring match and then Sheamus DQ’s himself by attacking Orton with a chair and laying him out. The following week, Orton reciprocates his actions and DQ’s himself by attacking Sheamus with a chair and laying him out. Then Orton has another boring match with Kane, Sheamus comes out, Brogue Kicks Orton and costs him the match. Then, Orton goes on vacation for two weeks. Then, Orton comes back and remembers he hates Sheamus, and lo and behold, we have ourselves a “feud”. I mean, where can I apply? Anyways, I never thought these two had any good chemistry to begin with. I believe they had a good spirited bout on Smackdown back in 2012, but other than that, you really can’t count on these two have a barnburner. As for who should win, Sheamus is Mr. MITB, so it only makes sense that he goes over. After all, he does need to look strong for a title cash-in. Then again, if this match is first of the night, would it set the stage for a Sheamus run-in at the end of the night? Eh, I don’t think Battleground is the place, so I say Sheams goes over. But seriously, who cares about this match? Anyone?

Winner: Sheamus

The Prime Time Players (C) vs. The New Day – WWE Tag Team Championship

The WWE higher-ups must have been smoking some pretty expensive stuff for thinking that taking the titles off of New Day was a good idea. Sure, they got off to a slow start, but since they have turned heel they have become one of the most consistent and entertaining portions of Monday Night RAW for the past couple of months. I have always called Prime Time the Ryback of the tag team division. They were the only team that was prominent on television, but never won the big one. They were long overdue for a title run, but Money In The Bank wasn’t the venue to do so. I think this Sunday, WWE rectifies their mistake and puts the titles back on The New Day, because it will be a two on three situation, which wasn’t the case when they lost the belts. Prime Time really doesn’t have much going for them, so them holding the titles any longer would just be fruitless, especially considering how superior The New Day’s run was in hindsight.

Winner: The New Day

John Cena (C) vs. Kevin Owens – United States Championship

I think this will be the toughest match to predict on the card. John Cena and Kevin Owens have proven to the wrestling world that they have impeccable chemistry together and has already put on not one, but two match of the year candidates. I expect no less than more of the same, and it will be very intriguing to see if they will be able to somehow top themselves again. One idea of what the finish might be, however, has been the lingering possibility from a run-in from Cesaro or Rusev, or both of them. We shouldn’t forget that Kevin Owens has attacked both men and cost both men the United States title on separate occasions. It only seems fitting that one of the two, or both comes out to jump Kevin from behind and replicate the same actions. I’ve slightly ruled out that possibility, however, because Rusev is involved in a feud with Ziggler and Cesaro already took a clean loss to Cena two weeks ago. This is why I didn’t like Cena and Owens going at it again on Battleground. They should have saved the rubber match for Summerslam and make the fans anticipate the deciding match much more. John Cena should have been out for longer than he was after Kevin attacked him after their match at Money In The Bank, making the winner of this match much harder to predict. I want to go with Kevin Owens here, and quite frankly, who doesn’t? I just can’t shake that something will interfere with Kevin getting the job done. Then there’s always the possibility of John Cena flat out retaining, but quite frankly, what fun is that? I’ll stick with my gut and say that Kevin Owens defeats John Cena for the title by a disqualification from interference. That is my hunch.

Winner: Kevin Owens by DQ

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

I firmly believe that Bray Wyatt is the most talented speaker on the roster. Not the best, but I think he has the most talent. It’s when he babbles on and on that he doesn’t coherently convey his message to the audience that people start to get critical of him, such as me. This feud started simple enough. Bray cost Roman the Money In The Bank briefcase. Fine. Then, we see Bray in the pot room from That 70’s Show with a shrine of cut outs of Roman Reigns with the eyes gouged out and with the message “Anyone But You”. Then we see him with a picture of Roman with his daughter. See, now that’s just scary. I don’t know what I’m supposed to make out of this and I quite frankly think that this feud is just because WWE doesn’t have anything else for these two at the moment. I believe Roman goes over this Sunday, but this match is a toss up for me. If Bray loses, where does he go from here? Back to cutting more random promos about Vince knows what? My head hurts. Roman wins. Let’s move on.

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