Battleground: The Most Predictable Main Event Ever


So hands up if you think John Cena is walking out of Battleground as the champion. That’s a lot of hands!!

It’s always been fairly easy to predict wwe matches on ppv’s, but never have I felt so confident of an outcome. The hype seems to be that Cena will retain and face Brocccck Lesnar at Summerslam. I think this makes the most sense from wwe’s point of view as that is probably the biggest match that can be made, but it just makes it all so predictable. I’d love to see Orton vs Lesnar, Reigns vs Lesnar, hell even Hornswoggle vs Lesnar instead of Cena vs Lesnar again!! (May have gone a bit far there!) It makes it worse knowing that when Cena wins at Battleground he’s going to lose the title to Lesnar at Summerslam. Don’t get me wrong it’ll be great seeing Cena not be the champion, but we shouldn’t be able to predict what’s going to happen so far out from the event.

Lots of people say that too much too soon will destroy someone (Ryback instantly comes to mind) but surely there has to be someone who can step it up and become the next big star, without having to wait four or five years to become it. When will the time come to have a main event scene featuring Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Rusev, Rollins, Ambrose and a few others rather than what we have had the past years – Cena, Orton, Kane, Big Show. The only time I’ve been excited about the title in recent memory was the Cm Punk angle at the beginning when he first won it after the shoot. I think if the latter names all disappeared tomorrow and left us with the first six fighting it out for the title (aswel as Daniel Bryan when he returns) then I would be happy. The new guys usually have great matches together aswel, and have the hunger to go and do it.

There comes a point when you have just seen enough and crave the change so much. Seeing Cena as the champion for the 15th time has made me write a whinging article when it was supposed to be a look at the future! The time needs to come for one of those wrestlers to win the title and just run with it and become a star. Have their own ‘Cm Punk moment’ and create history. If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work, but we need to see something different or many fans will get bored, if they aren’t already, and stop watching altogether.

How many people predicted Daniel Bryan having his Wrestlemania moment back in around November last year? How many people saw Daniel Bryan defeating Kane at Extreme Rules? Who thought the Shield would beat Evolution at Payback and that John Cena was probably going to win the ladder match at Money in the Bank?

Who thinks John Cena will win at Battleground? Hand still up?

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