How Monumental Was Bayley’s Heel Turn?


Bayley’s heel turn proved to be one of the most shocking and unanticipated moments for the year. In the main event of RAW, Becky Lynch teamed up with Bayley to take on the women’s Tag Team Champions. Little did we know that the match was actually foreshadowing Bayley’s heel turn.

Before the main event, Bayley was interviewed backstage. It seemed nothing too out of the ordinary. The elephant in the room was addressed when Bayley was asked if she has spoken with Sasha since her return. Of course, being that they were both best friends, we would think that she did. Bayley told us that she did, but that the contents of that discussion were personal.

However, that wasn’t the important part. The important part was when she told us we’d see who was left standing by the end of the night. Sure enough, we did. Sasha Banks continued her ruthless assault on Becky Lynch, when Bayley would seemingly come to her aid. Instead, Bayley joined in on the fun, and with another round of chair shots, Bayley’s heel turn to the dark side was cemented.

For a long time now, Bayley’s career has kind of flown by without anything worth noting. The flair and excitement that Bayley’s run in NXT did not transfer to the main roster. Bayley is a two time women’s champion, but would you say either of those reigns were memorable? That is not a special quality worth boasting about. Of course, a large part of the blame has to go onto the creative team. They are the ones responsible for how superstars are utilized and which programs they will be working in.

For some people, Bayley simple does not have the charisma to be considered one of the best in the business. For others, she has ben limited supremely by those in power. Whatever side of the aisle you are on, you have to admit that this could potentially be a big shift for her career.

The biggest heel turns tend to come from those who have been faces for most of their careers. That is why many were calling for John Cena to turn heel towards the tail end of his full-time career. Bayley is highly believable as a face, but as a heel, the possibilities are intriguing.

What makes this development even more intriguing is that she isn’t alone. It appears the Boss N’ Hug Connection are now an evil tandem. Sasha Banks is a direct contrast to Bayley because she is a heel by her very nature. Her nickname is “The Boss”. By proxy, she is someone that can easily be egotistical and arrogant.

Bayley was the complete opposite, and that is why their rivalry with each other in NXT was fantastic. They were the perfect clash of personalities, and that is why their matches had extra excitement. It wasn’t a battle of wrestling skill, but it was also a battle of personalities.

At Clash of Champions, we are going to see all four Horsewomen battle against each other. Becky Lynch will defend the RAW Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks. Also, Bayley will defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte is a heel, and for all intents and purposes, is at her best as such. However, with Bayley’s heel turn, Charlotte may become a face by proxy. With Sasha and Bayley teaming up to take out both Becky and Charlotte on consecutive shows, they may team up to help each other walk out with all the gold.

I am very excited to see where Bayley as a heel takes her, because it will create a lot of new possibilities. However, this will all be contingent on whether or not the booking team will unleash her potential. I have soured on Bayley heavily the past couple of years. Disasters such as the “Bayley: This is Your Life” segment and some of her matches have disappointed heavily.

This could be a changing of the guard in the women’s division. It could also provide Bayley with the shot in the arm her career needs. However, now is the time to see the fruits of her heel turn. Her attitude may change, but if her mannerisms remain the same, her career will continue to be in constant flux.

What do you think about Bayley’s heel turn? Do you believe that this is the correct move? Or do you believe that this won’t change much for her career?


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