The Beast vs. The Demon King: A Match Many Want To See & Match That Might Disappoint


All over the internet, all I have seen was fans wanting Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor for the WWE Universal Championship since Lesnar won the championship back at WrestleMania 33. I have seen many of responses from people; positive and negative. Yes, this is a money match that will draw like none other simply because of who’s involved. Finn is one of the few select number of superstars who are beloved by the casuals and the “smark” fans such as myself and some of you are who reading this article.

Now, I am all for the underdog story, the smaller guy overcoming the odds. Back in January, I even went on rants on different wrestling news sites proposing reasons as to why Sami Zayn should win the Royal Rumble. But, back to this topic, Finn is a amazing competitor and I see the logic in him being the #1 contender to the Universal Championship; reason being he never lost the title in the first place. On the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE announced that at Extreme Rules, there will be a Fatal 5-Way match featuring the 5 men below to determine the #1 contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship at what I am guessing will the Great Balls Of Fire PPV.

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Personally, I would love to see Samoa Joe come out with the victory but back to the point. I know all of you have seen Brock Lesnar’s matches over the past couple of years and you can clearly see the difference between someone selling for Brock & Brock making someone feel the pain. Not even including matches, Brock can be extremely psychical during segments.


Now, maybe that was just a slip-up on Brock’s part because Cena slapped the hell out of him and as people we naturally react to things. So how about this…


Also, counting the unlimited amount of suplexes that one has to take while being in a match with Lesnar. We all know Lesnar is physical, and I consider Balor as the guy, as far as someone being at the top of the company but this is a fight that does not need to happen under a one-on-one stipulated circumstance. The reason I say it will be disappointing is because Balor #1, has to make Lesnar look strong and I do not doubt that Lesnar will do so whether Balor complies or not. Now I am not saying Finn is a pushover in any-type of way nor am I saying the big guy always trumps the little guy, but just based off what we’ve seen from Brock, its hard to see Brock at the slightest, selling for Finn in some spots because it would not be believable. I know some will say, “well look at Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan overcame the odds and he’s small in stature” or “CM Punk had one of the best matches of 2013 with Brock Lesnar.” Finn Balor, Bryan & Punk are three completely different guys and I mean that in the most equal way with no comparison to one another.

Bryan was an underdog, he was small but there was something to Bryan that you could not simply measure him by his size and I do not know what that “thing” was. Now, the same can be said for Finn, but Brock manhandled John Cena for 20 minutes and Cena is WWE’s “golden boy” so seeing Balor working Lesnar wouldn’t necessarily be something I could see happening.

If this match does indeed take place, once again, which I am not opposed to, what happens if Finn gets hit with a stiff shot from Lesnar?


This stiff shot from Jinder Mahal concussed Finn Balor and as much as WWE tried to hide it, we all saw it clear as day. Can you imagine if Brock hits Finn the way he hit Randy Orton with those stiff forearms? The reason I say it will be disappointing is not because I do not think it would not be a great match if it happens, because I know Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor would tear the house down, but as far as it being believable and how psychical we know Brock Lesnar can be in the ring, I do not want to see Finn Balor have more time taken off of his career.

The Demon King is one of my personal favorites and I know he has fight in him like none-other. If he is hurt he will man-up and wrap up that match as proof of what he did with Seth Rollins back at the 2016 SummerSlam PPV. But, Brock is a different animal when that truck is moving and he has the green-light. I do not want to see a leading talent who competes at TV and live events get injured by someone who takes part in planning what dates he will show up on WWE television.


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