Best and Worst Options for WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Briefcase Winners


WWE’s annual Money in the Bank show is right around the corner and this year, both ladder matches are looking stacked and unpredictable.

On the women’s side, you have former MITB winner, Carmella, who will be taking on a mixed field of veterans like Natalya, newcomers like Ember moon, and dark horses like Mandy Rose. As for the men’s match, the high-flying Ricochet will surely show off his abilities when he takes on Braun Strowman, Randy Orton, Andrade, and a whole host of other capable and realistic winners.

Over the years, WWE has crowned some incredible briefcase holders like CM Punk, however, they have also crowned some controversial winners such as Mr. Kennedy. With the two ladder matches just on the horizon, here are WWE’s best and worst options to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Men’s Best Option: Drew McIntyre

If WWE wants a winner that they can count on to deliver, as well as someone who could realistically be the next Universal Champion, it is Drew McIntyre. McIntyre works extremely hard day in and day out to improve his skills and physique. He has been booked strongly and is a threat to all inside the ring. McIntyre has so much momentum and a MITB ladder match win would certainly add another level of intensity to his character.

While crowning Andrade or even Ali as the winner would also be an interesting booking decision, nobody makes more sense than McIntyre. No matter who the current champion is, McIntyre cashing in and winning is very believable and definitely the safest decision for the WWE.

Men’s Worst Option: Baron Corbin

When Baron Corbin was thrust into the main event scene and became the general manager of RAW, it wasn’t pretty. He wasn’t over and fans didn’t like him. The heat he got wasn’t heel heat, it was genuine anger, dislike, and boredom from the fans. I am afraid that if Corbin is crowned Mr. Money in the Bank, fans will turn on him even more solidly and it will be another waste of the briefcase.

I could see WWE doing this just to play with the fans’ emotions and create a cool title defense story for the Champion, but Corbin will most likely lose his cash-in again, and waste the moment. While Corbin has improved on the microphone, I still believe he is awkward and has a long way to go before I could see him as a good winner.

Women’s Best Option: Mandy Rose

Now alright, I know this may not be the most popular pick, especially in a field of performers who are much better in the ring such as Ember Moon or Natalya, however, nobody draws heat with her character quite like Mandy Rose does. Rose has been slowly climbing the ranks of the roster for ages now and even if her cash-in isn’t successful, this would still be a push for her and she would gain experience and talent with her win.

Mandy has the look and with Sonya Deville by her side, she adds a whole new layer of threat and credibility to Mandy’s character. While Alexa Bliss or Naomi may be safer decisions, Becky Lynch seems to have a firm grasp on the Women’s divisions and WWE can take a slight risk on Mandy.

Women’s Worst Option: Dana Brooke

In my opinion, the worst option for a winner in the field of Superstars is Dana Brooke. Brooke has been given a few television opportunities as of late and has shown some improvement in the ring and on the microphone, however, she is definitely still the least capable and credible Superstar to actually win the briefcase.

I for one, would not buy Brooke as a credible threat to anyone’s championship yet, even if she holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. If WWE wants to crown her the winner, they have a lot of work to do before she would be seen as legit in many fans’ eyes.

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