Best and Worst of RAW 10/8/18


Hey, did anyone notice that today’s date adds up with each other? 10/8/18? That’s pretty neat. Anyways, I decided that I’m going back to my RAW review pieces again since I had some free time. Here is what I liked (Best), didn’t like (Worst) and everything else in between.

Best/Worst: Last Time Ever One More Time

The show began with the social security collector’s version of D-Generation X coming out and asking us and The Brothers of Destruction if they are ready for a return, as they will team up for the first time in over 8 years and….you guessed it, for the LAST TIME EVER. The actual promo itself was okay, but I have to say that this was a sad sight in some respects. Everything here just feels like a cheap sell-out. Not only is the concept of seeing something for the “last time ever” completely lost on WWE, but WWE will have no problem murking past endings that were perfect for the sake of a momentary convenience.

Undertaker and Shawn Michael’s series of matches 9 years ago was incredible, and it was a great way for HBK to ride off into the sunset. Undertaker and Triple H’s Hell In A Cell match with Shawn as the referee? The icing on the cake. Nothing else was needed. They could have just let it end there. But show Shawn the money, and all of what happened all those years ago pretty much means nothing now. I want to be so excited for HBK to return, and I guess if he gets himself back into ring shape, he probably can still be somewhat useful in the ring. But forgive me if I’m not peeing my pants to see a tag team match in which all the participant’s ages add up to over 200.

The point here is that HBK’s return doesn’t even feel all that special and we all know Shawn was just probably shown a shit-ton of money that he couldn’t refuse. WWE’s insistence on not letting legends be legends and wearing them out when they are past their primes shows their unwillingness to move on, a lack of trust in the current crop of stars, or both. Triple H vs. Undertaker at Super Shown Down was, for all intents and purposes, a disaster. Adding 50+-year-old HBK and a mayor in a Halloween costume won’t make this match better. It’d make more sense if this was taking place in a retirement home, but at a WWE PPV in 2018? Come on now.

Best/Worst: Double Turns? Cool!

Our first match of the night featured a rematch (you’ll probably hear that word a lot tonight) between Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley with his new mouthpiece, Lio Rush. Here, it seems like we have a double turn on our hands. After an average match, Bobby Lashley continued to target Kevin Owens’ hurt leg that he sold towards the end of the match. I personally don’t care much for Bobby, because he has about as much charisma as a box of almonds, but I suppose someone who looks like him should be somewhat vicious, yeah? I’m not sure if I’m ready to see what a face version of Kevin Owens looks like because he seems to be the most natural heel on the roster, but I suppose there is a first time for everything. The double turn was surprising and well done, so that’s why I give it a best.

I give this segment a worst because of Lio Rush. I instantly signed onto the idea of Bobby having someone to do the speaking for him, but his live taunting of Kevin Owens throughout the match was just plain irritating. It’s one thing to gain heat if you’re being a dick for WWE storyline. But then there’s the kind of heat where you just want to change the channel (which I did) as to avoid hearing him. It was just cringe-worthy hearing him repeat the same lines and basically pose himself as Abraham Washington with dwarfism.

Worst: WWE Stands For “What’s With Elias?”

We then had a brief segment with Elias talking about John Cena, his hairstyle, the city of Chicago and his usual shtick. Normally, Elias’ segments are pretty harmless but this gets a worst because he seemed to have no purpose or focus without Kevin Owens this week. He’s currently in no feuds and has no beef with anyone. Ronda Rousey came out during Elias’ segment and he kinda just left afterward. So what was the purpose of him coming out? Just to get some cheap heat by mentioning the city’s sports team? Someone like Elias shouldn’t be in these segments where you are visibly just putting him there for the purpose of saying he was on the show. Give him something productive to work with. I’d rather not see him than putting him on the show with the obvious knowledge that he’s not important at the moment. At least then we’re being honest.

Worst: As The Bella Turns

My feelings on The Bella Twins are already documented, so I won’t have to go into why this match was a below average affair. I also hopefully don’t have to mention the frustration of WWE announcing not one, but two six-person tags for Super Show Down just to run it back again two nights later. Anyways, not only does this segment get a worst because turning on someone evidently gives you a title match by default instead of having to, you know, earn it, but primarily because of the result of the match. On Saturday, the match ended with Ronda Rousey inexplicably tapping out Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan simultaneously. This time, Ronda completed the trifecta by having Ruby tap out.

I just don’t get why The Riot Squad couldn’t get the win here. If the plan was to have Ronda get blindsided by The Bella Twins, why couldn’t you have done that during the match and at least give The Riot Squad SOME credibility with a victory? Instead, within a three-day stretch, the current RAW women’s champion taps out all members of the Riot Squad. So why exactly should anyone take them seriously? They don’t even have a gimmick. They’re just a theory on what a gimmick would look like.

Worst: Here We Go Again

Up next, we have the first ever Universal Champion, a former RAW Women’s Champion and the previous WWE Champion involved in a mixed tag team match in a sign that neither of them will be doing anything worthwhile or important soon. This match is proof positive of how WWE can just pick and choose who they want to be main eventers and then have them go back to their true nature when WWE has no further use for them. It’s just really sad, because none of this matters and hyping this match (and it was a really poor match) just to promote the Mixed Match Challenge really shows how far some of these superstars have fallen, especially Bayley.

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