Drew McIntyre

Best Options for Drew McIntyre’s Next Challenger


After retaining his title in a competitive match against Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank, Drew McIntyre proved that he is championship material. Although he has now defeated Lesnar and Rollins, fans are already starting to wonder who will be next to challenge for the WWE Championship that can be equally as dangerous and credible. Let’s take a look at the RAW roster and see what’s next for Drew McIntyre.

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley


Whether you’re a fan of his or not, Lashley is a certified badass. In the last few weeks, Lashley has been booked very strong and after recently separating from Lana on screen, he feels more focused on winning matches. Dave Meltzer commented on the situation claiming, “They really put Lashley over strong and I got the impression from watching it that McIntyre and Lashley is perhaps the next pay-per-view match.” His partner, Bryan Alvarez confirmed his suspicions and predicated that they will go in this direction too. Lashley is a solid challenger for McIntyre. He is very credible, has a textbook physique, and great in-ring skill. He is a great opponent for the WWE Champion.

AJ Styles

When in doubt, just call on AJ Styles to deliver. AJ has proven to be one of the best wrestlers in the world over the last decade and qualifying for the Money in the Bank match reminded everyone that he truly is a threat anytime he’s performing. Styles also showed fans once again that he can benefit even from a loss, after his match with The Undertaker has seemingly made him an even bigger star. AJ has always been, and will always be, a great challenger to whoever the champion is, and he can ride his current momentum all the way to a WWE championship match.

Aleister Black

If you are looking for legitimacy and credibility in a challenger, look no further than Aleister Black. Black has been on fire for months in the WWE. The guy rarely loses which says a lot in WWE where wins and loses often don’t matter. His mysterious and dark character will play out well against McIntyre and his in-ring abilities are second to none. If Black was selected as the number one contender, I don’t think anybody would bat an eye and he truly deserves it more than maybe anybody on the roster.

 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins at WrestleMania just six weeks ago. Since then, he’s been relatively quiet, but there would be no better way for him to burst back on the scene than to demand a championship match, considering that he beat the last challenger at KO-Mania. Owens is a consistent performer, great in the ring and on the mic, and could definitely help create a great championship program against McIntyre.

All four of the guys I have listed in this article, have a considerable amount of momentum, are all respected by fans, and would be credible challengers for McIntyre’s world title. Which direction WWE is going to go in is yet to be seen, but one of these four men may just be the answer. Sound off in the comments below who you’d like to see challenge McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

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