Best and Worst of RAW 2/26/18


Hey, guys. So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I wanted to incorporate some reviews of RAW’s and Smackdown’s just to add a little diversity into the writing, especially for those who don’t catch it. I may not be able to do this every week, but I’d like to do it when I can. Basically, I’ll just be doing a live review, going segment by segment, and ranking what I like (“best”), what I don’t like (“worst”) and things I like and don’t like in the same segment/matches (“best/worst”). Here we go!

Best/Worst: Consistency but no Continuity 

The fallout from Elimination Chamber came when RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss stood side by side with Mickie James, who apparently has a new alliance formed together. Alexa came out and tore into the competition as any great heel. However, I’m not sure why Mickie would come out side by side with Alexa. If they have become friends, why? Alexa only used Mickie as a means to an end so she can retain her title inside the chamber. Mickie made it clear that their alliance would only be temporary because when push comes to shove, she would come after her and the title. In the chamber match, Mickie was eliminated well before Alexa got to enter the match, and Bliss ended up not needing her help because she defeated Bayley and Sasha on her own without her help. So why is Mickie all buddy-buddy with Alexa now?

The heel promo stuff from Alexa was hot fire as always, but WWE always falls into the cycle of not remembering storylines past two weeks and re-introducing new layers of the story without any build. At least have a backstage segment between the two after the match to explain if they’re still cool. Based on what we’ve seen, Mickie has no reason to come out with Alexa. Maybe it’s a minor thing, but it appears that Mickie is a heel now because character turns without any context is so 2017, I guess.

Worst: “I know you’re English isn’t great…”

This is the type of thing I was afraid of. While Alexa was promoting her WrestleMania match with Asuka, which isn’t even confirmed because Asuka still hasn’t officially chosen which titleholder she’s coming after (a match with Charlotte makes much more sense), Asuka came out and interrupted. Alexa then became bold and took a page out of Jinder Mahal’s playbook and mocked Asuka’s antics, but more importantly, her English. This all started last week, when WWE had Asuka do an interview in the ring, thereby exposing her…less than perfect English. One of the things WWE likes doing is exposing weaknesses in superstars to the point where people may consider it a rib.

We all know Asuka isn’t William Shakespeare, but WWE was already putting Asuka’s worst qualities on display. Asuka is an ass-kicker. She’s a talker. Yet, WWE puts her worst qualities on display for absolutely no reason. While I’m sure this did accomplish giving Alexa some heat, there are other ways to go about doing it. Jinder Mahal did basically the same thing about Nakamura, making Shinsuke look like a total goofball in the entire feud. I wasn’t offended by the segment because WWE has done much worse, but making fun of a superstar who’s undefeated because she doesn’t talk well is just sort of uninspired.

Best: BGB (Bayley Gone Bad?)

While I’m sure everyone was anticipating Sasha to be the one to push the buttons and tease a heel turn, it would appear as though it has been the hugging, loveable, inflatable tube men wearing Bayley planted the seeds by refusing to accept a tag-in by Sasha Banks. What was more interesting was that in the six-woman tag made by Teddy Long during commercial saw Bayley happily help Asuka, a figure in the impending feud between the two. This was built up from last night as Sasha pushed Bayley down from the top of the chamber pod, with the “every man for himself” mantra taking control.

While I’m sure that this was a matter of Bayley merely getting revenge, I think it is clear that Bayley will be experimenting going to the dark side. The only thing I can imagine is what kind of music Bayley will be getting. It’s been embedded in my mind that the only thing that Bayley can associate herself with is hugging little girls and being all happy and stuff. I’m down for a Bayley heel turn, as it changes the dynamic between the rivalry of Sasha and Bayley. Let’s see where it goes.

Worst: No Road To Logic

We gotta address something here. This whole “Cena has no Road to WrestleMania” narrative they are painting for John Cena of all people is the biggest pile of garbage ever. First, we have to establish what exactly Cena means by saying he has no Road to WrestleMania. Since his first WrestleMania in 2004, John has competed at every WrestleMania except WrestleMania 32. He has competed for the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Title in 7 straight WrestleManias. He has faced The Rock twice in a row. When he’s not in a world title match, he could be in non-title matches against the likes of Bray Wyatt or a mixed tag with The Miz. Hell, even when he was injured on the shelf with no set match for WrestleMania, he still managed to find time to embarrass The Wyatt Family with The Rock. So who is he exactly fooling here? Nothing short of a terminal illness will keep him off the card.

WWE really thinks its fanbase is stupid and has the memory recall of a squirrel eating a nut. History has shown us time and time again that all Cena has to do is come out, emasculate a superstar or demand a match because he’s John Cena and they’re not, and he gets any match that he wants. If John were to come out and interfere in tonight’s Roman/Lesnar faceoff and demand that he be inserted into the match, he’ll get the title shot. Why? Because he’s John Cena, that’s why. Hell, Cena contradicted himself in the same segment by challenging The Undertaker. All he has to do is call someone out, and he will more likely than not get what he wants.

So let us not pretend that Cena won’t be going to WrestleMania. And seriously, if John Cena doesn’t have a Road to WrestleMania, what about everybody else in the Elimination Chamber match not named Roman Reigns? It’s not like they had a clear path to WrestleMania either. Whether it’s a match, a special guest referee spot, a run-in or what have you, Cena will be there. He’s John freaking Cena.

Worst: Bray Wyatt’s Officially Gone Insane

Well, I’ll be candid. Wyatt’s been off his rockers for some time now. However, I’ve never really seen Bray so visibly unorthodox. Bray came out and laid waste to Heath Slater and Rhyno because the RAW Tag Team Division is pretty one tag team and a collection of other guys with nothing better to do.

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