Best and Worst of RAW 3/5/18


Someone pointed this out in the comments section, but Lesnar’s lack of dates wasn’t being brought up during his feuds with Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. Why? Because they didn’t need help getting cheered. Roman does. Now, don’t get me wrong. Roman Reigns’ attitude to begin this feud has been fantastic. He sounds like a badass. If you were new to wrestling, you’d think he was a conquering hero and that he was a good guy. He’s calling out a guy who holds one of WWE’s top titles for only showing up periodically and walking around as if he’s entitled, and Roman seeks to claim that prize for him. The issue, however, is that Roman has been maligned for being given opportunities he does not deserve for a while and fans have been hating him a good while. Now, what WWE is trying to do is lessen Lesnar’s invincible aura in lieu of making him look more detestable than Roman. Joe and Strowman didn’t need that because they were already badasses that just went out there and destroyed whatever was in sight. And yet, Brock Lesnar defeated both of them pretty handily in forgettable matches. Lesnar and Roman are probably set to be some sort of bloody battle.

The talking was all well and good, though it was a bit long-winded for my taste (Roman didn’t come out until 11 minutes past the top of the hour). The biggest problem for me is that all this talking won’t progress anything in the feud. I understand Lesnar really doesn’t show up on RAW these days, and we’re apparently promised Roman and Lesnar head to head in Detroit next week. Even though that we were promised Lesnar before and he didn’t appear, needless to say, WWE may actually play up his absence and stall it even longer. However they try to do it, all I know is that some hands better be flying soon. Becuase we saw all this three years ago and it ended in an awkward tug of war over the WWE Title. This needs to come full circle and end with the physicality that we know both men are capable of.


Decent RAW I guess, but to be honest, there was a lot of things that didn’t add to the quality of the show tonight. Just kind of felt like it was there. Ah, well. Swing and a miss. Until next week, folks.



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