Big Show Isn’t the Greatest Big Man of All Time!!


To quote The Great One, “Well, it’s the Big Slow!!” This has not just come
out of nowhere. I’m just sick and tired of hearing the praise for the
Big Show as being called an all-time great and one of the best big men to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. You hear it at Hall of
Fames from time to time. I hear Flair say it. I dedicate this blog to
explaining why Big Show isn’t as great as he is made out to be. I think
Big Show maybe the most over-rated boring big man of them all. He has
interviews asking why he doesn’t have a catchphrase. He leaves that to
other guys as he is the Giant. Let me tell you something, that elephant
at the circus isn’t as entertaining after you seen him for a few times.
The only difference between Khali and Big Show is he can speak English
along with take bumps in the ring. Why is the Big Show over-rated you

Giant>Big Show!:It
has been said in the past by the Big Show making the jump to WWE was
the best decision he made. He also claims he accomplished more which is
why I’m here to argue that. For those who don’t know, Big Show wasn’t
named Big Show til later after his WWF debut. In WCW, he was named
simply The Giant. He was usually in the top matches on the card facing
the top talent, whether it be teaming with Luger or Sting vs the
Outsiders, having singles matches vs Hogan, Flair, Sting, Nash, Hall,
and so forth. Starrcade 97 is considered by many including myself the
highest point for WCW. Going into that ppv, he was set up to face Nash.
He was the #2 babyface behind Sting. Was over with crowd like unlike now
where every Mania comes around and you never know til last minute if he
is making the card. That is also why I argue, he had way better success
in WCW. Won and held the world championship. Yea, he won the WWE title,
but that was because he was just a replacement in those matches he won.
He gave the belt away like a month later. Big Show has never been
considered a top babyface or heel in the company. Maybe the top heel on
ECW or SD, not on Raw. In WCW, he was a constant main event player. In
WWE, he is nothing more than an injury replacement when he wrestles in
the main events. His biggest match he ever won was his first ever match.
How can you top defeating Hogan for the WCW title?

did he do in WWE that was so great?
I mean, WM28 I just recently
watched and going into that match he was 3-8 at WM. Those matches he won
were thanks to pinfalls by his tag team partner. Fans like me didn’t
even want Big Show on the damn show nor facing Rhodes. We wanted to see
Goldust vs Cody Rhodes. Still have not received that, but if you are an
all-time great……would us wrestling fans rather you not be on the
biggest match he ever had at the grandest stage of them all was against
a boxer!! His worst match was against a sumo wrestler. This WWE
superstar really is a elephant at a circus! He won WWE’s version of
ECDub title LOL! His most memorable moment is getting suplexed from the
top rope by Brock Lesnar on an episode a smackdown and his big butt
causing the ring to explode. He main evented Mania, but what did he do
after that… ppv he dresses up like Hulk Hogan.

Ultimate success
: He has got to be the luckiest man alive because every
single time someone gets hurt he is substituted into the best
situations. 99 Survivor Series, subbed in for Austin won the WWF title.
03 Survivor Series, subbed in for Hogan won the WWE title. Survivor
Series 01, subbed in for Vince McMahon and was in the main event of the
ppv on Team WWF. RVD gets suspended, wins ECW title. Challenges for the
WWE title at WM25 because Hogan was unable to compete against John Cena.
Edge gets hurt, he is the partner that is chosen to team with Y2J. I
could keep going, but I figure you would get the point by now. His
greatest success has come when a starter couldn’t play. It is ridiculous
the amount of success he has had subbing in for talent over the years.
Name me a superstar on the roster past or present that can have this
list of accomplishments due to an injury.

Show DVD
: I recently watched Big Shows DVD and it has got to be the
worst DVD documentry I’ve ever witnessed. You’d think his storied career
from 95 in WCW-WWE it would be longer. It was an hour talking about his
life and career. I think 30 of it may have been on his life. The only
DVD out on the Big Show really other than maybe superstar series. You
know how many DVDs Austin, Rock, HBK, HHH, and so forth has been made?
It seems as if they struggled to make this DVD. You sit there watching
the matches of course you don’t own on previous collections. You sit
there and root for every single foe he faces because they actually have
something Big Show doesn’t….personality. Tell me of the matches that
are listed on the DVD, you actually rooted for the Big Show?

big man?
: The fact people push over greats like Andre, Undertaker, and
so forth to proclaim as the greatest big man of all-time is idiotic.
“Well, Andre couldn’t work in the ring!” You really want to talk about
impact on the wrestling business Big Show has had compared to Andre?
Hell even the Undertaker? Big man isn’t just 500 pounds, to me he is 6
feet 10 or over 300 pounds. You know, guys like Bam Bam, Yokozuna, Mark
Henry so forth is included in the conversation as well. Andre feud with
Hogan. The slam heard around the world. Arguably the best moment in the
companys history at WM3. Selling the WWF title, most watched televised
match in the WM rematch on Main Event. Feuding with Jake Roberts and
teaming with the million dollar man. What memorable feuds and matches
can you compare with Andre to say Big Show is better? I’d love someone
to try to tell me he is better than the Deadman. Making a statement like
that tells me how little your mind is on the wrestling business.

that I rest my case as big Show is arguably the most over-rated
superstar in WWE today. What did you think of this article? Is big Show
really an all-time great? Is he the greatest big man of all-time? Agree
or disagree with my opinion? Leave that and more in the comment section
below. Tahnks for reading!!

response to previous article comments WWE Network review
:I used poor
words to use when I was saying I was showing I wasn’t going to be a
sheep to their product. I did enjoyed the network. I was just saying
give me something worth watching from now and the Royal Rumble. Treat
Survivor Series as it should be treated same goes for Hell in a Cell.
Still buying DVDs would be a better way? How about not buying a single
ppv DVD not 1 of the big 4 since 2008 Armaggedon. I was at the show
which is another reason I purchased it. Yea, I buy my share of DVDs and
Blu rays only when they are 10 bucks or under. I just recently bought
WM28/29 bundle for 10 bucks. I first watched WM28 last night. If that is
still helping WWE by buying DVDs for 5 bucks instead of 20…..guess
what….I guess I am a WWE sheep lol!

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