Biggest Takeaways from SmackDown at Madison Square Garden


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Demon Balor is Fine Filler but Nothing to Gush Over

You’re going to hate me for this, but I still just do not get the fascination and appeal about Finn Balor in his demon makeup.

Aesthetically, it’s a nice change of pace. I’d love the act if he were to be doing anything different to go along with it. But he just doesn’t do anything but wrestle the same basic style and happen to look different in the process.

With so much attention on Brock Lesnar, Balor was pushed to the final minute of the show. Reigns dismissed Balor very quickly because after beating him last week, he was relegated to nothing more than “I’ll beat Lesnar after I get through with Balor” followed by a stare down.

That stare down, mind you, was not the most intimidating thing. In fact, it paled in comparison to Lesnar’s interaction with The Tribal Chief and The Usos from earlier in the night, even.

The Beast Incarnate was relaxed, took out The Usos, made Reigns run off and stood tall in the ring, screwing over Heyman in the process. Balor had to tilt his head back to try to seem like he wasn’t as short compared to Reigns and everyone just looked at each other as the show went off. It seemed less like this faction was intimidated by the demon and more that they were confused, trying to figure out why this guy who lost last week was bothering them again.

The match will be good. Reigns will retain. We know this. But I just can’t look at that segment and think “OMG! I can’t wait to see what happens next week! This is crazy that Balor is the demon again! Aaaaah the excitement cannot be contained!” Instead, I thought “Well, Balor’s going to have another promo next week explaining exactly what they said on commentary about how when he’s pushed too far, his inner demon comes out, and some outsiders to watching wrestling would probably find that cheesy like he’s a cosplayer who is getting too much into his character.”

A lot more positivity tonight than I had expected, and I enjoyed the show much more than I thought I would, but the ending note was something that didn’t resonate with me like it was supposed to. I’m very glad the crowd in attendance went nuts for it, though. If I’m of the unpopular opinion and the minority, then by all means, more Demon Balor for the majority of the people who loved it.

What were your takeaways from this episode? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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