Bill Demott Talks About Resigning From WWE, What Happened That Led To His Departure & More


Former NXT head trainer Bill Demott appeared on Friday’s episode of Talk is Jericho to defend himself against claims from past talents that said he was physically and demeaning to talents that went through the WWE developmental system at the WWE Performance Center.

“I’m a nice guy,” said Demott. “People either hear or read something about you, so they think that’s who you are. It’s my job to come across as an asshole, it’s my job.”

Demott on complaints from when was in Deep South:

You’re always going to get complaints from people. Why are we here five days a week? There’s always a complaint. I was there with them, in the ring, running Atlanta. Making sure things happen. I’m an overachiever until someone tells me not to do it. Someone is always sore, there going to train. There will always going to be complaints, do you have to be a superstar? “Its far between everyone” {in terms of people making it}. “Out of hundreds, even thousands and out of them there’s twelve complaining.”


Jericho on defending Demott:

“When I attended the Hart camp, the training was hard, a lot of BS stuff you had to do.” He talked about someone stretching him until he cried or doing several different workouts. “Wrestling is unlike anything else, you have to be mentally strong just as physically strong. It’s a mental thing that Bill tries to pass along.”

You have to adapt to anything you do,” said Demott. “You don’t hit someone with a phone book or torture them. We adapted the training for today’s age, but there has to be a toughness. I’m wrong obviously because I’m three months into my adventure. If you can make it here (NXT) then you’re prepared for what the WWE is. From media calls, or long drives to one city and then the next. We can’t give people days off because on the main roster, you can’t do that. If you can do all that here (NXT) then you’re golden. We all think we were stars, but when you get to the main roster, then they realize that the system helped them. Once there up there then they praise the system. This place works because what we do here. This shit will never work out when people are hating on you.”

Chris Jericho said that we’re in a different age, but he made it because he was mentally tough enough due to the way he was trained. “We didn’t make due to what the office thought, but because of our toughness. If you saw this in the corporate world then you wouldn’t make it.” He understands why people were hating on Bill, but he also understands where Bill is coming from.

“People are going to hear something that they want to hear,” said Demott. “When he never said anything. If you’re in the heat of the moment, then you can say something you shouldn’t have. Things you say will be taken out of context. If you weren’t there, then you don’t know what I said. Miz went through it, and we had issues.”

Bill on “make a deal Friday” thing in NXT:

“On Friday’s, I would give the talent to do something (training) then they would be given Friday off. He would have some of the most stupid things to do. “I would have someone squeezing a jelly donut in my face with their bare ass. In hindsight, it shouldn’t have happened. A few would do it, but someone would take a picture of it and make it a big deal.”

“If things were sent, if things are out there then it must be real. I’m 50, I’m a father, I have to watch all those things. Part of me wants to defend myself, but I will be loyal to Triple H no matter what. I don’t have an opinion that I choose to share. I’m just trying find hobbies and try to change opinions of me. I want people to see the real Bill Demott.”

Demott on resigning:

I haven’t thought about it yet. I love NXT, if you do something for the right reasons, then you will still love it. No matter what. I never quit things, too much positive was going on there. If I go back then it was meant to be, if not then it wasn’t.”

You can listen to the entire interview down below.

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