​Bill DeMott Talks To Vince Russo About His Resignation From WWE & More


Bill DeMott recently spoke with Vince Russo about his resignation from WWE following claims of abusing talent and covering up sexual harassment. Here is what DeMott had to say…

“I always use the term it’s never the quarterback, it’s the coach. Millennials, I think right that’s what this generation is called the millennials. I think it’s in the whole world. So what I can say and what I will say is as a dad as you are, as I am, I try to figure that out to keep my children away from that entitlement.


I guess it’s old school that you get what you earn and you try to earn what you want. I think that’s all I am going to say about that because I think no matter what the case, Walmart, Publix, IBM, I always use IBM I don’t know why, I go to a lot of management seminars and that’s a lot of the conversation, the opening conversation: ‘What do we do when they don’t like that?’ And I want to walk out because I’m not going to learn anything if I’m still trying to figure out.

It’s tough, it’s going to be tough for whoever has to figure out what they want tomorrow.”

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