Blast From The Past: The Feud That Changed Wrestling For The Better, Austin/Pillman


The entire angle, and the fact that Pillman dropped an f-bomb mid-segment would cause so much backlash that WWE and Pillman would apologize for it, with the WWE claiming that a real gun would never appear on their programming again.

Sadly we lost Brian Pillman shortly after in 1997. He was scheduled to wrestle Dude Love at the WWF pay-per-view Badd Blood: In Your House.

As the show was getting close to bell time, and Pillman hadn’t arrived, Jim Cornette was instructed to find his whereabouts. Cornette contacted the Budget Tel Motel in Bloomington, Minnesotawhere Pillman had stayed that previous night and was told by the receptionist that the maids had found Pillman dead earlier that day. Pillman was 35 years old.

Austin had this to say on his best friend:

“When you knew Brian, you would think ‘man that guy Brian is such a dynamic personality. He was so smart that he’s never going to die. It didn’t really register with me until they started tolling that bell on Monday Night RAW and that’s when it hit me. I got pretty emotional about it. But by and large, if you were a guys’ guy, like most of us were, everybody loved Brian. He was a crazy son of a bitch sometimes, but everybody loved him because he was the real deal and an authentic guy.

So, I miss him to this day. You know, people always say ‘yeah, I think about this everyday.’ Well, I think about Brian at least a couple times a week to this day.”

(This is a previous updated article i wrote a while back that was lost) thanks for reading..

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