Blast From The Past: Bret Hart vs Steve Austin


This rivalry has made an impact and helped define and bring in a new era. This feud is looked at as being one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the WWE. The impact that this rivalry had on the company was very beneficial. The company hero from Canada against the Texas Rattlesnake embarked on a feud that help make careers and cement legacies.

The Birth Of Austin 3:16

At Wrestlemania 12, Bret Hart lost the WWF Championship to Shawn Michaels. Hart would then take a hiatus from WWF television and only work some house shows as Shawn Michaels continued to lead the World Wrestling Federation as it’s champion. Bret would also be in middle of negotiating with not only his WWF contract but with WCW who at the time were dominating the Monday Night Wars, in the end Bret would resign with the WWF. In June of that very year, marked the beginning of Austin 3:16 as Stone Cold Steve Austin pinned Jake Roberts in the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament to become the 4th prestigious King of the Ring winner. After that night, Steve Austin would become the rebellious, disrespectful, cold-blooded rattlesnake that we all know and love.

The Challenge

On an episode of WWF Superstars, Steve Austin would issue a challenge to the Hitman. Austin would spend months taunting and mocking the Hitman and everything he stood for on WWF television. Bret would accept Austin’s challenge on an episode of Raw, Bret vowed to beat some respect out of Austin and prove that he was still the best wrestler in the WWF.

Pillman’s Got A Gun!

The moment Pillman said “Best There Is” after interviewing Austin, Austin attacked Pillman. Stone Cold would use a chair to re-injure the ankle of Brian Pillman, this would lead to the events on Monday Night Raw in what is considered to be the most infamous segment in Raw history. The Texas Rattlesnake went down to Pillman’s house to ‘Finish the job’ and fought off Pillman’s friends, inside the house waiting for him was Pillman with a gun. Austin broke into Pillman’s house and Pillman fired off but Austin left the house when he saw the gun.

Pillman’s got a gun!

The Return Of The Hitman

Two weeks later, fresh off the hot segment came WWF Survivor Series. Stone Cold Steve Austin is red-hot and his popularity is starting to grow week after week and he’s set to take on the returning Bret “Hitman” Hart for the first time on Television(As they’ve met on a couple of house shows prior) with a winner getting a title shot at the next PPV. The match was arguably the hottest on the card, the match was a nearly 30 minute technical masterpiece as Bret would counter the Million Dollar Dream into a pin in similar fashion as he did in his match against Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania 8.

The following night, Bret faced off against his brother Owen. Austin would interfere and attack Bret. He was planning on snapping Bret’s ankle but Bulldog stopped Austin. Owen didn’t agree with the Bulldog’s actions causing an argument between the two partners and Austin would strike Bulldog with the chair, which didn’t sit well with Owen causing Owen and Austin to argue. This would plant seeds for Bulldog’s brief face turn before becoming the first European Champion, dissension between Owen and Bulldog and the formation of the Hart Foundation.

Bret Hart would meet Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship at In Your House 12: It’s Time, Austin would come in and assault Bret once again before being taken off Bret by Owen and Bulldog. This and the involvement of Shawn Michaels caused Bret to get powerbombed by Sid and lose the match. Bret would then hit Shawn as a result as frustration of the Hitman starts to build. Bret started to feel like the WWF started to get out of control and that everyone was out to get him.

Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble 1997 came around and Steve Austin would draw #5, Austin was on a role in the Rumble match as he was eliminating opponents left and right and would at times end up being the only man in the ring. Fans loved it and wanted to see Austin win despite him not caring for them at all. During the Rumble, Austin eliminated names like Owen Hart, Jake Roberts, Marc Mero and Savio Vega.

Austin would continue to roll until #21 came out and turned out to be none other than Bret Hart to the disbelief of Austin. The Rumble would continue to roll on as it should, Bret would eventually dump Austin to the outside but the officials would not see this so Austin would sneak back in. Austin dumps Undertaker and Vader out of the ring, after Bret dumps Fake Diesel(Kane) out of the ring, Austin stuck up behind Bret and tosses him over the top rope to win the 1997 Royal Rumble. Bret was furious and throw a huge tantrum on the outside before heading to the back.

Steve Austin eliminates Bret Hart from the Royal Rumble to win the match in 1997.

New Side Of The Hitman

An irate Bret Hart would come out the next night on Raw and cut a promo directed towards Vince McMahon. Bret talked about the promises made to him. He then talked about the Royal Rumble, he said that he felt like Shawn, Austin, Vince and the WWF have screwed him. Bret “quits” the WWF and exit through the crowd in a sea of “We Want Bret” chants. As Bret made his exit, Austin made his way to the ring. After the microphone difficulties and threatening the folks over at ringside, Austin calls Bret a crybaby and that he needs to go back to Canada.

He then proceeded to insult WWF President Gorilla Monsoon. He calls out Undertaker but the match end on happening later. Monsoon and McMahon would come out and talk about the events from the Rumble, they say that the refs decisions are final but that doesn’t mean Austin would get his shot.Monsoon made a match for the next event, a four man elimination featuring Austin, Bret and the two guys Austin eliminated illegally which was Undertaker and Vader with the winner getting to main event WrestleMania. A pissed off Steve Austin comes out and says the match can’t happen as Bret quit.

Bret Hart would come back out and says that he accepts but he wants Austin immediately. Undertaker comes out and Bret is held back as Austin vs Undertaker begins, as the match goes on, Bret encounters Vader brawls with him. Vader would come out and go into the ring before getting a chokeslam from The Undertaker. Austin attacks Undertaker and Bret comes out and goes after Austin and all men brawl as Raw goes off the air.

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