Bold Predictions For WWE In 2020 Edition 2


Flair Beats Her Father’s Record

Ric Flair holds the record for most world title reigns with 16. Currently, Charlotte is at nine. Seven seems far-fetched for one person to have in one year, but this is about bold predictions. Not simple ones.

Kairi Sane vs Io Shirai at WM

Asuka is embarking on a feud with Becky Lynch and Sane is freed up as we head towards WrestleMania. Io is being brought up to the main roster in order for the company to keep her around. Both are heels and that doesn’t happen often, but they could put on one hell of a match.

Liv Morgan Wins Title, Battles Ruby Riot

We were all disappointed when Liv Morgan returned after such a long time of a build-up to only be inserted into the Lana love triangle story. Hopefully, it’s over quickly and she can move on. WWE can still salvage her return and make her dominant. Her former tag partner Ruby Riot is returning from injury soon and the two could have a fantastic feud over the title.

Natalya Retires From Full-Time Duty

Nothing against her, but she is already wrestling less and less. She’s had a stellar career and is a future Hall of Famer. The women’s division is stronger than ever and I don’t see a real angle for her. She will still pop up here and there but her time in the spotlight is over.

Riott Squad Triple Threat Match

Liv is back, Ruby is returning, and Sarah Logan seems to be turning heel. I already have Liv and Ruby battling for the title this year. Logan can enter the feud and all three will be out to prove they were the alpha in the group.

Paul Heyman Gains New Client

This has happened in the past but none have stacked up to Brock Lesnar. Heyman is the best manager and mouthpiece and there are several stars who can benefit from this. One comes to mind: Asuka. She was never really a contender on the mic and Heyman can be the extra thing that catapults her to the top of the division.

Big E Runs Wild

I’ve been seeing Big E getting more and more heated lately. The big man is on the verge of losing his temper and no one should hold him back. New Day doesn’t have to turn heel but Big E needs to be dominant again. He is one of the next people who deserves a redemption with a world title reign.

Bo Dallas Joins The Fiend But Ends Up A Victim

The Fiend was one of the more exciting things from the end of 2019. There are rumors that Bo Dallas could join his brother on the FireFly FunHouse. It would give a fresh new twist to the character and segment, but in the end, The Fiend works best solo. It’ll end with Bo becoming another victim.

Braun Strowman Does Not Get World Title Reign

If he did, why now? Braun was over with the WWE Universe all of 2019 and got shoved to the side every time. The world title picture is starting to get crowded and he once again is on the outside looking in.

Cesaro vs Sheamus By WrestleMania

These two were once one of the best tag teams from 2019. Sheamus suffered an injury and Cesaro moved on with Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn. Sheamus is back and taking out everyone. It would be a mistake if these two former allies didn’t collide.

The Revival Turn It Around, But In AEW

The Revival had a good run with WWE but they’ve reached their ceiling. The money might be good but they are clearly not pleased. They can become the best tag team of 2020 with a move to AEW. Cody and the Young Bucks focus the main storylines around the tag team division. The Revival against the Lucha Brothers or Young Bucks could be Match of the Year.

Elias Becomes A Manager

This tends to make more sense for Elias in his current state. He is entertaining and is proving he can carry a promo with the best. He won’t be a full-time manager, as he will still wrestle from time to time. This choice would get himself and a worthy talent over quite well.

The Fiend Drops Title To Big E

I mentioned Big E going wild. His new hunger for a fight will land The New Day in some hot water with The Fiend. It’ll make Big E look even more dangerous by taking out Bray Wyatt and/or The Fiend for the title.

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