Bold Predictions For WWE In 2020 Edition 3


Miz and Morrison Feud and Battle At WrestleMania

John Morrison recently returned to WWE and seems to be aiding The Miz. The two are former allies, tag partners, and also rivals. The Miz seems to be going down a dark path and it could lead to attacking Morrison. WrestleMania seems like the perfect stage.

The Miz Wins World Title

It likely won’t happen until after WrestleMania season but The Miz is looking to be the top heel in WWE this year. He has proven to be worthy of a title reign in the past and it is time for at least one more run as the top dog.

Bayley Loses Title Before WrestleMania

Bayley’s run as a heel doesn’t seem to be clicking. The women’s division is quite strong at the moment and the company could pull the plug. Io Shirai is about to be called up and would benefit greatly with a dominant win over the champ.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, But Sonya Becomes Bigger Star

WWE has been teasing breaking up Deville and Rose. Rose has been getting tons of time solo backstage but Sonya Deville will benefit more from the split. She is a more sound competitor and will hold a title long before Mandy.

Undisputed Era Leaves NXT

Adam Cole and his crew have dominated NXT for all of 2019 and then some. They hold all the gold but will eventually look to only accomplish more. That will only happen with a move to Raw or SmackDown.

Men’s Royal Rumble

There will, of course, be surprise returns like Booker T and possibly Hulk Hogan. NXT could throw in people like Keith Lee and Adam Cole. As for the winner, signs are pointing to Roman Reigns. The Rumble was once a platform to launch someone who is in the shadows and lost in the mix up to the top tier. That is Drew McIntyre. He was once bound for glory but has been lost in the crowd lately.

Women’s Royal Rumble

Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus could return once more this year. It would be exciting for Rhea Ripley to show up and dominate. Nia Jax could find her time to return and make an instant impact as well. Charlotte Flair seems to be in a similar scenario as Drew McIntyre. She will win the Rumble and show why she is The Queen.

Men’s MITB

MITB used to be a platform for a young star in the making rise to the top. It happened for The Miz and even Jack Swagger. Cedric Alexander could be the next star to make the climb, literally. He hasn’t had quite the success as Andrade or Ricochet are having but Cedric winning the MITB is best for all. He is capable of keeping up with the top stars in WWE and it gives a fresh feud for the title.

Women’s MITB

I’ll get straight to the point: Shayna Baszler will join Raw or SD and enter the ladder match to win the briefcase. As a heel with all the power, she can terrorize whatever champion she chooses, possibly even both of them. She can constantly tease which title she will chase after.

WrestleMania Main Event

Drew McIntyre will win the Royal Rumble and will main event the show. But against who? Lesnar seems as if he won’t have the title by this point. Anyone can end up winning at Rumble. Even Drew. Champion or not, he will be in the main event. In this case, Drew wins the title and goes into WM along with…Samoa Joe.

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