Bolieve or Bo Leave?


Since breaking through the chains of NXT, one man is slowly making the WWE universe ‘Bolieve’. That man’s name is none other than Bo
Dallas. With a gimmick reminiscent of early Rocky Maivia and early Kurt Angle,
Bo Dallas has the chance to take this inspirational gimmick of his to a whole
new level.

Kurt Angle had him the 3 I’s. Intensity, integrity and
intelligence. This led us to believe that Kurt was a good guy, but quite
obvious to see he did, after all, have an arrogant and conceited spin on his
gimmick which made him the heel to hate. Looking at Bo Dallas and his gut
wrenching smile, it is fair to say he is not far off.  Since his debut he has attempted to make us
bolievers with constant cheesy and sickly sweet mic work. We have seen him give
the thumbs up week in and week out, we have seen him take a victory lap after
every win, no matter how he won the match. We have also seen Bo Dallas
awkwardly dance to R Truths catchy theme music and interfered by gracefully
putting in his input of ‘Greenbay what is going on!’, however most importantly
we have seen his undefeated streak gradually rise to ’15 in bo’. Dare I say,
Undertaker who?

In a Wrestling world filled with monster heels and a general
heel who garners heat from the crowd through cheap manoeuvres, such as
constantly needing someone to interfere, or being anti American, a gimmick like
Bo Dallas’s is refreshing and good to see on a weekly basis.  It may not measure up to the crowd reaction
he gained during his wonderful time at NXT, where the crowd hated him so much,
they practically loved him, but it may come close. As every week passes on by,
we see a new dimension to this gimmick. One week he may wrestle a fair match,
the next he may take advantage, and the next he would show his aggressive side.
The more the fans see his uplifting and motivational persona, the more they
cringe and the more they look for buckets to throw up in. But the magical thing
with this is, is that it is the whole point of this gimmick. It is an
exaggerated version of John Cena’s ‘Never Give Up’ except Bo Dallas would tell
us ‘Don’t stop bolieving’. Utter genius.

This gimmick has all the potential in the world if used
right. It was shown in NXT, with the memorable moments he had left the crowd
with such as giving out cookies, attempting to occupy NXT, and my personal
favourite, being despised by the crowd to such an extent they started to cheer
for a completely unknown wrestler. Can Bo Dallas win the World title? I highly
doubt it, but can he be the most entertaining heel of this generation, he is
very much in the running.  Sometimes the
Bray Wyatts and the Randy Orton’s just become a bit too predictable, but the
thing with Bo Dallas is that the more you ‘bolieve’ the more you become
entertained by his gimmick.

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