Booking Challenge: Survivor Series 2014


Survivor Series is the 2nd longest running ppv of all-time. It hasn’t been
treated as it used to be which continues torment us wrestling fans.
Which is why I
present to you the way, I would bring prestige back to the event in
2014. That won’t be an easy task without the current WWE champion.
However, I accept the challenge head on as always. Now it is time to
decide whether you are willing to accept the booking
challenge. 10 match limit max as always. So you know how this works,
give your best card possible as usual. For those who don’t understand
the point of the booking challenge, please read the
explaination right under this opening beside the *. For the booking
challenge vets, here is my Survivor Series 2014 card:

*The point of
the booking challenge isn’t to predict what the actual card will be. It
is to challenge wrestling fans to give what card they want to see. Give
the best card that not only they want to see, but others would like to
see as well. There is no fun in predicting what the wrestling card will
be because every card will be basically the same. The point is, you are
the booker and you got the keys to the car. People complain all the time
including myself about wrestling product. Put your money where your
mouth is. You give me the card better than the actual card and dare I
say attempt to have a better card than mine. Forget current storylines,
give me your storylines and your best card you can deliver in the
comment section below. Creates that competitive environment I want, I
want the readers to compete with me. Give me
their opinion on my card and I’ll give you my opinion on yours. That is
the booking challenge!! This will be copy and pasted on every single
booking challenge since some still don’t understand how it works.

Preshow: Miz vs Damien Sandow-I hate the fact Sandow is Miz’s lackey. The fact, he has a stunt
double is beyond me. Which is why I decided to end it in an encounter between the two on the
preshow. End this silly disgrace once and for all with Sandow leaving with the victory over
the Miz. 

& Goldust, Erick Rowan, Luke
Harper, Bo Dallas vs Usos, Big E, Kofi, & Xavier Woods
-I was
thinking about putting the tag belts on the line, but look at the tag
division. No real teams to defend against at this point other than Usos
again. Usos certainly deserve to be on the show which is why I decided
to have each respective team captain in a classic survivor series match.
I thought about Luke Harper challenging for 1 of the singles titles,
but I needed a heel here. It would have felt stupid just to have Rowan
on the team without Harper even though it seems they will go on as
singles competitors. It doesn’t look great on paper, but this classic
survivor series I’d have end differently. As 1 of the Usos pin 1 of the
tag champs to eliminate them towards the end of it with both remaining.
Big E comes in and pulls them off the cover. Attacks them as does Kofi
and the match ends in a no contest. Many forgot about that stable. This
gives them the platform and a moment to speak on why
they decided to join forces. Usos pin tag champs they get a match.
Which is what they want? The tag team gold! 

title: AJ vs Nikki Bella
-Of course, ppv Hell in a Cell is happening
after I post this, but I figure Nikki will win so Brie will become her
servant. I thought about putting her in the same situation as John Cena
was when he was with Nexus….Nikki wins or she is fired. Just better to
leave it alone and just have her at ringside. Nikki wins and eventually
comes to a
Divas title match at WM31 with the Bella Twins. 

 IC title: Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt -Problem with midcard titles is that
they never have a real threat for them. A buildup towards the match
other than some cheap victory from the last match from the heel. How
about the heels actually use promos and surprise beatdowns to lead to
their match on ppv. I know many will be angry over me booking Wyatt in
an IC title match with his “big push” coming. He isn’t winning the WWE
world title, he isn’t face Cena again, and you think he is going to be
beating Roman Reigns?IDK about that. No real strong babyfaces to face
for Wyatt other than that. Henry? Show? Get heel heat from taking the IC
title off Dolph who can sell better than anyone. Returning Wade Barrett
will likely receive a babyface reaction whenever he returns. Who knows
when that will be. However, after winning the IC title and having the
whole world in his hands while in the middle of the promo receive Bad
News from Barrett that he has returned to win
back his IC title. 

Cesaro vs Adam Rose-It looks on paper as a
jobber match and yes it is filler as the roster is rather thin right
now. Rose probably will have a match anyway. Not a big fan, any way,
Cesaro picks up the victory here. Thought about having him challenge for
1 of the respective belts, but no reason to have him lose to look any
more weak. 

US title: Sheamus vs Jack Swagger-Two babyfaces in a 1 on
1 match? I know, I was thinking of adding a heel like Cesaro, but
didn’t. Zeb has an issue with the US title….the strap isn’t on an
American. Be honest, Sheamus isn’t that strong of a babyface right now.
When he was strong, he was crapped on particularly facing Orton on Raw.
Not to make Sheamus a heel here, just to make a threat of a challenger
to his strap. Could crap shoot here and not let Sheamus win clean, but
lets be honest….the title is going to Rusev either way. It should any
way…..whether on Raw or ppv….I think it is best for
business for him to win the strap. 

Cena, Roman
Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry, & Big Show vs HHH, Kane, Seth
Rollins, Randy Orton, & Rusev
-What hell is Rusev doing with the
Authority? He isn’t part of Authority? Well, would you feel better with
Bray Wyatt instead? Luke Harper? This is the perfect opportunity to make
the classic survivor series match mean something again. I don’t expect
Lesnar to be defending the WWE title at the event. That is why I made
this main event. Reigns injury as I looked up on google was recovery
time 4-6 weeks so he should be ready to compete by Survivor Series. Will
HHH be working Survivor Series? If he wants people to buy the event or
sub to WWE network he had better now that Lesnar likely won’t be there.
Team Universe or whatever the team name is. Got Ambrose, Cena, Reigns as
sole survivors. Thought about just Reigns and Cena sorta like passing
torch sorta thing. Hogan/Warrior….ya know. Just felt it would only
help Ambrose to remain as a survivor

the card I made? What would your card look like? I think it looks
pretty good judging by
what I have to work with. Are you up to the challenge? Leave your
Survivor Series 2014 card in the comment section below. I plan on doing
ROH Final Battle 2014 booking challenge next.

Response to Hey
WWE, push these 10 superstars
: It was well received, however, I think
some have a bit of confusion. Some people who commented believe you are
being pushed if you are champion in the undercard. The last time the IC
title was defended at Wrestlemania on the main show was 2 years ago. The
US title was hardly ever defended which was acknowledged on TV by HHH
himself. Just because you a tag champion doesn’t mean jack. Tell me what
teams they have lined up for the recently crowned tag champs? Defeating
the Miz meant something at 1 time, but it doesn’t any longer. If you
believe the IC title means something today, I suggest getting a pair of
glasses and actually watching the same product I have year in and year

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