Bound For Glory 2018 Preview & Predictions.


Hey everyone. Back from a small break to gear us up for Impact’s biggest show of the year. It will take place in the Melrose Ballroom in Astoria, New York. Sponsored by The card will include at least eight announced matches. It is the second Bound For Glory under the Anthem Sports & Entertainment banner.

BFG 2018

(TNA) Impact Wrestling has a strange history with its biggest shows. While Bound For Glory is meant to be like their Wrestlemania, Slammiversary could be regarded as the more memorable event. Last years BFG was not reviewed well, and it’s up to the current roster to put on a show we can remember fondly. In saying that, the build to each match plays a vital role as well.


#1 – Allie vs. Su Yung – The feud’s been ongoing all year, and it’s about to come to a head. Allie is trying to channel the dark side to better deal with Su and her undead bridesmaids. But something has to give, Su has a hold over her after putting friends Rosemary and Kiera Hogan in a coffin.

Could it mark the return of Rosemary and Kiera? If there’s any time to bring them back this is it. I can’t see any other reason to book this match, so there’s two ways I think it could go down. Either interference will help Allie finally get her revenge, or it will end in a no-contest after the match is thrown out; prolonging the feud for the rest of the year.

#2 – Matt Sydal and Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack – It’s filler. Such a thrown together match, it was literally booked a few days ago. I know who Willie Mack is, but I don’t get why they didn’t bring him in earlier to build it up. Ethan Page was formerly Joseph Park’s cousin or something .. Chandler Park? So they got rid of the gimmick in favour of the name most fans know him by.

It’s probably as close as we’re going to get to having an X-Division contest without an X-Division title match. I don’t care who wins, but I guess Swann & Mack will? If anything, just to give Swann a victory on a big stage.

#3 – oVe vs. Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr & Fenix – Feels brutal on a few levels. Firstly, there’s no way oVe are anywhere near the caliber of their opponents. Secondly, I feel like it’s a waste of Cage, Pentagon and Fenix. Why couldn’t we have seen Cage vs. Pentagon vs. Fenix for the X-Division title instead?

Didn’t Pentagon already beat Sami Callihan in their feud by shaving his head? Why are they still linked? It also feels like a waste of oVe, who have had a breakout year and deserved a feud like what LAX & The OGz are getting. Either way it’s going to be a fun six-man tag heavily in favour of Cage, Pentagon and Fenix. oVe winning is a huge upset.

#4 – Eli Drake vs. Unknown Dummy – Again it feels like Impact are wasting his talent. After Aries took the title off him in record time he’s been getting airtime .. but man, he’s been made to work with mid-carders like Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, Joe Hendry and Grado. Did he spit in an agents coffee or something? Anyways, I can’t predict a winner here as we’ve got no idea who the dummy is, but I hope it’s someone awesome. Or I’ll know they’re treating Eli like the biggest dummy in Impact Wrestling. Yeah!

#5 – Eddie Edwards vs. Moose – Let me connect the dots here. Originally they were both bland babyfaces with little character. Eddie snapped as he couldn’t get the better of Sami Callihan, and transformed in to a lunatic who talks to his buddy “Kenny” the kendo stick. So Eddie turned on Moose and they were no longer friends. Somehow Eddie turned face when challenging Aries for the title, and Moose kept out of the way.

That was til Moose turned heel by joining Aries, and the feud reignited with Eddie as a lunatic babyface, and Moose as something else entirely. We got a couple of badly acted backstage segments (with Moose threatening his wife Alisha .. who wasn’t talking to Eddie for months as he’d lost it) which were meant to make us feel excited. It didn’t, at least not to me. Confused yet? They’re nothing like they were when they were friends months ago, and it feels like they’re only paired up to get on the show. I’m going to predict a Moose win with the help of Killer Kross.

#6 – Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie (Knockouts Title) – What is with the build? Again Impact management decides .. right, so this wrestler has not been on TV for months, let’s stick them in a title match at Bound For Glory with very little heat. Taya didn’t even have the guts to give her promo to Tessa’s face. The diamond of Impact Wrestling has shone brightly this year, and there’s absolutely no chance Taya is walking away with the Knockouts title.

#7 – LAX vs. OGz in a Concrete Jungle match – Possibly the most anticipated “fight” of the night. The feud has built for months and it’s had many good, and cringeworthy moments. Nevertheless, at least the story has evolved and the heat has escalated as we get closer to BFG. I have no idea what to expect from a Concrete Jungle match, but it sounds like we’re going to get a lot of gang warfare in the streets. I wouldn’t be surprised if CJ from GTA: San Andreas pops up with a driveby on a bicycle.

Konnan is doing the right thing by focusing on the future of LAX, and not what King is by siding with the original LAX. With everything that’s happened, it must be the right time for Konnan to get his hands dirty and deck King so hard he’ll regret shooting down that random kid in the street. Expect brutality. Expect the unexpected. Expect it to steal the show. The OGz need to be put in their place. LAX is fighting for their livelihoods.

#8 – Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact (World Title) – I can’t be the only one who groaned when Johnny returned to Impact and it was announced (outta’ nowhere) he would be the #1 contender at BFG. He didn’t earn it. He returned from hiatus and was gifted it, and it’s no way for a babyface to get a shot at the World title on the biggest PPV of the year.

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