Bound For Glory 2018 Review and Match Ratings


So, I really don’t do TNA events, as this is my first time reviewing a TNA show. However, seeing as how this is Bound For Glory, I’m willing to give it a try. In addition, I’m trying to diversify some of my writing and not just sticking to WWE-oriented content. Let’s see how this fairs. Just know that I don’t watch TNA weekly, so I don’t have an indication or context behind any of the matches. I’m just rating them based on how the actual match goes. If I miss anything, feel free to inform me in the comments/

Willie Mack and Rich Swann def. Matt Sydal and Ethan Page

Hey, this was actually a pretty fun tag team match to start. What I especially liked about this tag team match was how they kept the pacing at a fever pitch throughout the entire duration. Swann and Mack’s athleticism was on full on-display, and you can tell that they were very comfortable with each other. I liked the contrasting team of Sydal and Page, where it looked like Matt was taking on more of a mentor role and Page was following his lead. There were also a ton of high spots featuring Page and Mack, which features a different dynamic as opposed to having the smaller wrestlers do those kind of things. The most important part about this match was that there was never a point where it stalled. Of course, there was the face in peril segment, but they did that extremely well, and humorously as well, with Sydal reminding Page that he should try pinning Swann first before asking for a tag.

Overall, I had a lot of fun watching this. It was exactly what it needed to be and set the proper tone for Bound for Glory. Awesome, high paced start. Had it been given 5 or so more minutes, I think we’d be in four star territory. ***3/4

Eli Drake def. James Ellsworth

I think the comedy segment they had before the match lasted nearly as long as the tag team match that came before that. This was what it was. A squash and constant references to WWE. It was all okay, I guess. No rating.

Tessa Blanchard (C) def. Taya Valkyrie – TNA Knockout Women’s Championship

I haven’t been following TNA, but one person I have kept tabs on is Tessa Blanchard. She just looks like an elite worker, and she definitely has the looks to go along with it. This was another very good, well-worked match between two women that worked hard. I absolutely loved Tessa’s body language and increasing frustration when Taya kept kicking out of her signature moves. It showed in how she needed to adjust in the ring and she became increasingly desperate to pull out all the tops. Meanwhile, Taya showed that she was more than up for the challenge, essentially fighting Taya to a draw. Again, I haven’t been watching TNA so I don’t know if there was something I was supposed to be paying attention to, but all I saw was an extremely well-worked match that I had a lot of fun watching. It’s sad this got only about 10 minutes. Shave off some of Eli Drake’s pandering to NY, and this is easily four stars. ***3/4

Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards def. Moose and Killer Kross

I think my chest hurts from watching that match with all those chops. And boy oh boy is Dreamer getting fat. I mean, I guess the match was okay, but the match felt more like an extended brawl segment as an excuse to not do the previous match. The use of weapons was okay, and it was hard-hitting, but I wasn’t really all into this. The camera was also kind of funky in this match, as I thought some important segments of the match were missed out on. **1/4

Sami Callihan, Jake and Dave Crist def. Pentagon, Fenix and Cage – oVe Rules Match

This was a Young Bucks style car crash, balls-to-the-wall like sprint that I like a great deal. I don’t know what oVe Rules are, but this seemed to be a basic six man tornado tag team match. Some usually don’t like matches where there are a lot of guys in the ring at the same time, but if it’s done right, it can be a great match. I thought this was extremely solid as both teams looked to try and gain an advantage. oVe worked in a Shield-like fashion, making sure that they can always get the number game. It especially had to come in handy when they had to take down Cage.

The only thing I probably didn’t like about the match was that it looked more like a spot-fest for the sake of doing high spots as opposed to an actual match. Of course, then again, I don’t watch TNA so maybe there was a story being told that I was not aware of. But I’m just going off of what I saw. Structure of the match and abrupt finish aside, the match had great energy and it was fun to see how both teams tried to win, with one team focusing on teamwork, and the other looking like it built off of each person’s individual skills. ***3/4

LAX def. OGz – Concrete Jungle Death Match

I don’t know what a Concrete Jungle Death Match is, but I think the stipulation sort of took away from the match. I think they could have done a better match without all the extra gimmicks. I’m not sure what the purpose was of lining the ring with the boards, but they were moving with each big impact move in the ring, and I thought it was really dangerous at times. That being said, the match was okay. It was just a big crazy brawl, and that was fine. There wasn’t anything over the top for me here. It just seemed like two teams selling an international beef. **1/2

Johnny Impact def. Austin Aries (C) – TNA World Championship

Doesn’t Johnny look like AJ Styles, but just taller? Just me? Anyways, whenever I think of Johnny Impact, I’m just accustomed to him showing off his parkour style and doing a lot of flips as opposed to doing actual wrestling. Kind of similar to a Rob Van Dam type. However, his woman was apparently a part of this feud, so there was a more personal tone etched into this match. The match was a very well-worked main event, with Austin Aries playing the role of a cocky, evil bastard. I also thought Morrison looked deeper into his tool shed and had to take higher risks in order to win the title, such as the top rope Spanish Fly. Austin Aries is one of the best TNA has ever had, and he showcased the best that he had to offer in this match.

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