Bound For Glory: What We Can Expect vs What We Can Hope For


We are three weeks away from Bound For Glory, which is Impact Wrestling’s signature PPV Event. This year, it takes place in the most curious of venues, the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa. Now, while I credit Anthem Sports and Entertainment for bringing BFG to Canada, the choice of venue brings light to the fact that they have little confidence in the old TNA product. But that’s for my next article. Today, we’re going to talk about what we can expect at Bound For Glory, along with some things we still can hope for and there is still time for.

As of now, here’s the confirmed card. I do not read spoilers so I don’t know what the next three episodes will reveal.

World Title Match: Eli Drake (c) vs Johnny Impact
Knockouts Title Match: Sienna (c) vs Allie vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
Tag Team Title Match: O.V.E. (c) vs LAX in a 5150 Street Fight
Alberto El Patron’s Return

Now we also have a couple matches that are likely, or at least possible, though not confirmed, or at least broadcast confirmed yet.

Moose vs Lashley
Rosemary vs Taya Valkyre
Grado vs Joseph Park or Abyss (I know. I know)

As you can see, we have three weeks to find out what’s happening with the X Division Title and the Grand Championship.

Two weeks ago, the X Division Title picture was kind of blurred with Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt, and Petey Williams all challenging Trevor Lee to a match which began the three of them arguing. Now, maybe Jim Cornette announces a triple threat #1 Contender’s match at some point, or they do the logical thing and have Ultimate X. More on that below.

EC3 wasn’t on this past episode of Impact in any real capacity. With three weeks left, a challenge for the Grand Championship is looking less and less likely. EC3 will have a role at BFG, but I don’t know who is going to challenge him for the title. I truly hope there’s not some mash up match between Impact and AAA or something like that.

So now, if you add Ultimate X and the Mosh Posh match, that’s your Bound For Glory 2017 card.


But wait. There’s another part to this article. The above is what we can expect. Now I get to play booker and throw out my idea of what BFG could be, should be, and still can be since there’s time.

First, Alberto El Patron’s return has been confirmed for BFG. He has one role to play here, and that’s to help either O.V.E. or LAX in the 5150 Street Fight. He disappeared from TV smack dab in the middle of a feud with LAX. It only makes sense that he helps O.V.E. retain, or just turns to the dark side and joins LAX. Nothing more.

I personally would’ve had Rosemary and Taya in the Knockouts Fatal Fourway and saved Gail vs Taryn as a singles match. But either way, Rosemary vs Taya needs to be a No Holds Barred Match of some sort. Monster’s Ball or Last Knockout Standing. And the match needs to be vicious. Sadly, I must witness my Bae Rosemary lose yet again, but I think it’ll be okay if the match delivers.

I implore the wrestling gods, please, Please, PLEASE give us Eddie Edwards vs Marafuji for the NOAH title rematch at Bound For Glory. This match needs to happen. Just in the minor highlights we saw on Impact this week, that match looked epic and Anthem would be doing their fans a great service by making this match happen live on the biggest PPV of the year. Show stealer, if it happens.

The X Division Title needs to be an Ultimate X. I’m sick of seeing Jim Cornette announce #1 Contender matches. It’s in Canada. Petey Williams winning is the logical thing to do. Let it happen in great fashion by giving those four guys a chance to excel in an Ultimate X Match.

I mentioned Grado vs Joseph or Abyss. The reason is because they keep dedicating TV time to them, and this past week, Joseph Park seemed less friendly and Grado seemed frustrated. Grado either turns heel, or Joseph Park reverts back to heel Abyss and destroys him. The segment/match shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes but it would make sense. Now in a perfect world, they somehow bring this Grado angle close enough to the Rosemary/Taya angle where Rosemary can convert Park back to Abyss to destroy Grado. With Rosemary and Abyss teaming up on the indy scene as Decay, this can be a possibility, if even a slim one.

And Finally, EC3. God-Mode. The face of the company. He needs something better to do than being in some flash in the pan angle with AAA. Either a rematch for the Grand Championship with Fantasma, and let James Storm fight Texano one more time. Or, Storm vs EC3 for the Grand Championship. Both of these men deserve a major part in BFG. They can still pull it off and have EC3 keep his new babyface turn, while keeping Storm a fan favorite. The booking couldn’t have been simpler. In the next couple weeks of Impact, they save each other. Fight off AAA one last time. And then agree to a rematch from Slammiversary. Simple. Effective. And the matche should have 5 minute rounds like last year.

I know a lot of this is wishful thinking but what can a fan expect from the company’s biggest PPV of the year?

Thanks for reading everyone. I’ll have a few more of these up between now and Bound For Glory. Be Safe

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