Bound For Glory Preview and Predictions


Winners: OVE


Eli Drake has been a great champ since he won the gauntlet the week after Destination X back in August. He’s been the top heel in the company, surpassing EC3. He’s definitely one of the top mic workers in the business and in my opinion, he tops the list. Johnny Impact broke on to the scene and, as usual, was thrust right into the top spot. If you watched these episodes in August, we definitely got our fill of Johnny Impact as he’s pretty much main evented every episode except one, which was main evented by his girlfriend Taya. I don’t want to see it happen but I have to stay true and make an honest prediction, not a prediction based on what I want to happen. Another title changes hands here, making it three out of the four titles that are up for grabs, change hands at the PPV. The question is, does Alberto El Patron get involved in the AAA vs Impact match like I predicted? Or does he appear at the end of this to get himself back into the title scene against Johnny? Either way, Johnny Mundo Nitro gets the win.

Winner & New Champion: Johnny Impact

So there you have it. It should be a fun show even though I probably won’t like some of the results here. I’m very curious as to the set up for the Aberdeen Pavilion for this event. There is limited space and they have to set up a stage, the ring, concession area, and proper seating. They’ll also have to do a backstage area unless they plan on setting up something outside with trailers and stuff. Either way, tomorrow’s the day. It’s finally come. It is Impact Wrestling’s BOUND FOR GLORY!

Thanks for reading everyone. Let me know what you think of my predictions and share some of your own. Be safe.

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