Brad Maddox Comments On If He Had A Relationship With Triple H And WWE Not Using Talents


Brad Maddox was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated and during that interview, Maddox talks about his WWE release, if he had a relationship with Triple H and more. Here are the highlights.

On if he had a relationship with Triple H:

“I didn’t have much of a relationship with Hunter,” said Maddox. “He always feels like he’s one of the boys, yet he’s the boss. He was always accessible.”

On WWE not using talents:

“Those are long days,” admitted Maddox. “If they don’t need you, they don’t need you. Every Monday and Tuesday, I tried to talk with Vince about an angle or something to do. It’s frustrating when you are not doing anything on TV, not contributing, not helping, and not feeling like a part of the locker room. I didn’t do anything when I was there, except go to catering and try to talk to people about future ideas.”

On his skit with The Undertaker on The Tonight Show:

“I don’t know why I was picked,” said a laughing Maddox. “They were doing the overseas tour at the time, so I might have been one of the only guys left in the States. I had assumed I’d have a full turkey head, and it ended up being more like a hat, but I had fun with it. I got to go to 30 Rock, and even talked with Jimmy for a while when I was in my turkey suit. I said, ‘Jimmy, your turkey is here!’ And he laughed and said, ‘This is how you know you made it in show business.’”

You can read the entire interview here.

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