Brand Transformation.


SmackDown- This would be the show for the upcoming stars and the misused talents, the show will give Superstars a last chance as well as a first which is intriguing in its self. The show will obviously have top talents as well so the other stars can get over by teaming and facing them. This could also create many good storyline ideas which will give relevance to all different superstars.

Raw- This would be the show for veterans where the iconic established Superstars can rival for reasons regarding the titles. I can not help but think keeping the mixed brands may be bad for business, it’s easier for story lines to evolve around one show in long term situations and it gives viewers more reason to tune in each week.

Champions- If your the Champion you should be able to appear on both shows each week as well as defend against different opponents across both rosters so every PPV theirs a different challenger and different outcome, this would make championships more relevant in my opinion and would help the champion get over with the crowds.

Draft- Do we not all miss the drafts? That moment when your sitting their and your waiting for the superstar to appear on screen and it’s one big shock that the champion has just changed brands or that a classic commentary team have just been split up? ( Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler)

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