Bret Hart’s The Best There Is DVD Review (Part One)


Brother vs. Brother: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart (Wrestlemania 10)

Analysis: This was a technical masterpiece and maybe the best ever. The timing of the spots, the smooth transitions, the great chemistry, and both being able to build the match to its crescendo, solidifies this as the blueprint on how to carry out a wrestling masterpiece.


This also told a great story. Owen Hart was tired of being overshadowed by his older brother, thus to exercise his demons, he wanted to prove once he was better than big brother. The match illustrated that Bret was definitely the better wrestler, as he was one step ahead of his young brother, but Owen cheated and pulled off a key reversal which allowed him to pull off a major upset. Owen treated his fluky win as if it had been a dominant performance and that helped him develop into an even more slimy heel.

After Bret Hart conquered his long-lasting quest to become WWF Champion, Owen came out with a look on his face that said, “Did you forget something? You didn’t beat me.” What was supposed to be a beautiful moment for Bret ended up as a bittersweet moment, as he knew that while he won the title, his loss to Owen earlier in the night casts a shadow over what should have been the biggest night of his career. There is a case for this match as the greatest of all time, thanks to booking and work rate. *****

Thoughts on Disc Two: No doubt, this was one awesome disc. Except for his Flair and HBK matches, everything that should be on here was. I will talk the DVD as a whole more on the next review as I will look at disc three and both the extras, extra matches, and have a final analysis. Two Thumbs Way Up for Disc Two.

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