​Brie Bella Provides A Health Update On Daniel Bryan, Reveals Her Favorite Wrestlers & More


In an interview with M Live, Brie Bella spoke about her favorite wrestlers past and present. Here are highlights:

On how the Diva’s Revolution is changing women in WWE: “The girls are working so hard to put female wrestling on the map and to make it as big as the men. To see it actually happening… I’m go grateful. Nikki and I couldn’t be any luckier to be in the women’s division right now. We have some amazing women wrestlers, and to have these aggressive, complex matches… it’s everything we’ve worked so hard for.”

On Daniel Bryan’s current health: “He’s doing really really good. He feels great. His number one goal is to get back into the ring and he’s doing everything in his power to make that happen.”

On her favorite male and female wrestlers from past and present: “For past superstars, for a woman, I’d have to say Melina. She had the sex appeal and I loved the way she stood out in the ring. As far as past men go, I loved Jeff Hardy. He reminds me of my husband in a way. He’s quieter, but has a presence in the ring that’s like, wow. For present superstars, Paige has been really amazing in our division. I love her aggression. She just has it. For men, besides my husband, who’s injured right now, I would say Dean Ambrose. He’s a maniac. Everything about him is great. He’s fun to watch. When his matches are over, I always wish there was a little more to watch.”

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