Brock vs Undertaker – Why WWE delivered with The Streak ending


If you’re anything like me while I was watching Taker vs Lesnar, you weren’t all that drawn in. Well, not until the final 5 minutes anyway.

It was lacklustre, the crowd weren’t all that in to it and you could tell the match was drawing to that inevitable conclusion. I mean, come on, we all know the script – chokeslam here, kick out there, last ride here, kick out there, F5 here, kick out there, tombstone here, kick out there, F5 here, kick out there…ok you get the picture. But I would guess that nobody out there, not even the fans like me that consider themselves ‘smart’, expected Lesnar to be the one that breaks the streak. Nope. Never. Not going to happen… But then it did.


F5 – 1……..2……..3. When that 3 count came down I sat bolt upright on my sofa, mouth completely open, and I could barely comprehend what I was seeing. The Streak? Ended? And by Lesnar? What have I just seen? And I doubt I was the only one going through those same emotions. Like many fans, it took a while to actually sink in, at least half way into the WWE World Heavyweight title triple threat match – well that seems to be when the crowd recovered anyway!

There seems to be A LOT of animosity out there about the decision for Brock to break The Streak, and I have one question. Why?

WWE achieved something really very special last night at the conclusion of this match, something that I bet long time wrestling fans rarely experience – complete surprise and real raw emotion. I cannot remember the last time a wrestling match made me sit up in my seat and literally sit there for 5-10 minutes, just trying to comprehend what had happened. It was pure shock.

Think about it, WWE are in the business of entertainment. Each WWE storyline needs to take the viewer/fan on an emotional rollercoaster that will eventually culminate in some sort of big ending or pay-off. In this case, and as every year at Wrestlemania, it’s The Streak. Will it or will it not be broken?

Nobody expected Brock to win, and when he did, the reaction of the crowd was incredible. A sea of emotions the likes of which we’ve never seen before that was no doubt reflected by everyone watching at home, and after all, isn’t that the whole point?

Is the decision for Brock to break ‘The Streak’ popular? – No. But WWE would have predicted that, and no doubt have plans to capitalise on it going forward. It wouldn’t have been done on a whim.

Couldn’t it have been an up and coming star? Well yes – but who’s to say that a Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt will be around in 2 years. Anything could happen, and then The Streak would’ve been broken by a superstar no longer active in the company, or worse, somebody who beats Taker and who’s star fades too quickly, lessening the meaning of The Streak. 

Either way, what’s done is done, and in my opinion, WWE has created a moment that will live forever in Wrestling history. Achieving that sort of fan reaction is a testament to The Streak, it doesn’t lessen it’s legacy, but elevates it’s importance. What will be interesting now is what WWE does with Lesnar/Heyman and what Taker’s role will be at WM 31 – if any. Certainly makes a potential Taker vs Sting match more interesting…

Where were you when Lesnar beat Taker? And what was your reaction? Sound off in the comments.

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