​Brodus “Tyrus” Clay Explains Why He Takes Shots At John Cena, Fans Who Approach Him, & More


Tyrus spoke with the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show about his comments regarding John Cena and more. Check out the video and highlights:

On why he takes shots at Cena: “Yeah. I did that because he compared me to the XFL [on RAW earlier this year]. I was like ‘what did I do?’ I said ‘okay, cool. I’m getting mentioned on two wrestling promotions, but I can’t let him ride on that, can I? Hell no. Get him.’ I said the only thing different between Cena and PN News was a push, and everybody laughed. He’s the pinnacle of our business. He’s probably not going to hear people yelling at the middle of the mountain at him. Just having fun with him. It was a good concept and the first time I put a series together. I’m going to keep doing it because I enjoy it and it shows another side of me. It won’t always be about that.”

On Cena fans who approach him: “It’s a real thing! That happens to me everywhere I go. There’s always a Cena fan that wants to talk to me about it, and it drives me absolutely nuts. They’ll come up to me in Cena stuff saying ‘Why didn’t you wrestle Cena?’ Bro, I don’t know. ‘Isn’t he the best?’ Must be. Did you want something, or just want to talk to me about John Cena (laughs). I would make jokes when we train at Hard Knox South that I have a big feud with Cena that he didn’t even know about. We got to talking about it and I was going to make a sitcom out of my feud with John Cena that he doesn’t even know about.”

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