The Broken Hardys Should Stay With Impact Wrestling.


The rumours of an exciting return to WWE has become rampant as the The Hardys contracts come close to an end .. and it worries me. I’ve seen the ups-and-downs over the years, I remember when Jeff was majorly over and Vince refused to put the WWE title on him. I remember when Matt feuded with Edge and Lita, which was too personal for my liking. WWE misused Matt for so many years, changing his gimmick and getting him nowhere while Jeff reaped the rewards for his unique look and wrestling style.

The fact is .. over a year ago, The Hardys were as stale as old bread. I didn’t care if I got to see Jeff or Matt as they had little to offer aside from the usual. Management insisted on putting the TNA World Heavyweight title on Matt at Bound For Glory, over the younger and more exciting prospect Ethan Carter III. Things changed, and Matt transformed in to something we’d never seen before. The transformation led to “Broken” Matt Hardy, who started out as a heel acquiring the services of “Brother Nero” by beating him in a match. Matt & Reby Hardy made him an “Obsolete Mule”, and the plan was for Jeff to overcome his brother eventually.

The gimmick became so popular the promotion had no choice but to turn Matt face and have Jeff embrace the gimmick as the “Obsolete” Brother Nero. Their rivalry with Decay was wacky, crazy, insane, just a few words used to describe “The Great War” and “Delete Vs. Decay”. Instead of filming everything at the Zone Of Impact, they had filming at The Hardy Compound. Never in their lives had they been allowed the freedom to create characters and let them evolve in to something wrestling fans could enjoy on worldwide television. I never thought I’d say it, but they made Impact Wrestling something to look forward to again.

The Hardys going back to WWE is an admission of giving up. It’s an admission of selling out. It’s giving up on creative freedom, and giving up on helping the rest of the industry with a healthy dose of excitement . How will they travel and take all the tag team championships of the world if they are tied to a WWE contract? They won’t, because WWE controls their talent and won’t allow it. The Broken Hardys won’t be able to do what they want, how they want, where they want, it will be micro-managed, and they’ll need everything approved. It would be a watered down version of what we’ve seen, as Impact Wrestling really lets them get away with anything. Some of the double entendres and insider wrestling references would not fly in WWE .. cos’ they are not Dwayne Johnson. They would not be able to get away with it and soon enough the characters will be ruined.

What I would prefer to see is The Hardys spend another year with Impact Wrestling after negotiating a new deal with Anthem. By doing this, they can continue to build on their characters and use cross-promotion to make the industry more unpredictable. In a years time, the prospect of The Broken Hardys in WWE would be even more anticipated, and I think it would be perfect timing. By going to WWE in 2017, the deal they get won’t be as lucrative as it will be in a year unless WWE makes a few mega stars and no longer needs to rely on talent like Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, and The Undertaker. Can you see that happening? No, I didn’t think so.

Every time a promotion makes or finds something exciting, WWE needs to come in and spoil it. Either way, my opinion doesn’t matter as it’s up to Matt & Jeff. While I would disapprove if they decide to go back to WWE, I wouldn’t blame ’em for wanting to “return home” and shock the world. What are your thoughts on The Broken Hardys? Should they stick with Anthem Impact Wrestling and build on what they’ve done so far? Or should they risk it and return home to WWE so they can share their newfound gimmick to a broader audience? Will WWE ruin them? Or will staying with Impact ruin them? I’m interested to hear your opinions on this. Thanks for reading everyone .. it’s been “Wonderful Yeeessss!”

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