Bully Ray: The Writing on the Wall


Is Bully Ray’s face turn the beginning of the end with TNA? Bully was most recently tweeting out on social media like someone who was ready for a change. The WWE crowd in Chicago was as vibrant as ever, making even the low key player pumped about its product. This is what I think he was speaking of in comparison to the TNA live events.

Bully Ray has marketed himself over the last couple years better then I myself could have ever envisioned. He dropped some weight, developed a nice promo skill, and even cleaned up his act as a better wrestler. This had led him to being the TNA World Champion and their one major player who wasn’t way past his prime. Every storyline was built around his Bully Ray character, even as the husband of Brooke Hogan.

There was talk back in 2012 that Bully may leave TNA as his contract was about to expire because of his evident displeasure of the move to release Devon, a long time friend and partner. The Dudley Boyz were a household name and for those guys to go in different directions was a tough blow for him to swallow. In any case, Bully signed a new 2 year deal in September, which if it wasn’t back dated, will be running out in about 5 months. Was this the decision that he was tweeting about? Is he not going to re-up with TNA and go back to WWE?

Let’s look at this logically and think that every time someone is usually ready to leave TNA, they seem to always be put into a storyline that makes it easy for them to deploy. Last night at Lethal Lockdown, Bully Ray turned face by not playing his part as Dixie Carter’s insurance policy. Instead deciding to turn on her and helping MVP gain power and momentum heading into the near future. Is it a mere coincidence that as

Bully seemed to recently state he was making a career defining decision, he is all of a sudden turned face? In other words, is this all setting up for a storyline in which he is either fired or leaving on his own because he doesn’t agree with Dixie Carter’s visions?

This all could also tie into the surprising return of Bobby Lashley. This is another move that has come out of left field, but could all be set up by Bully Ray jumping ship. Is Bobby here to take his place as another top talent on the roster? Usually there are little leaks of information across the board to suggest that a new wrestler is coming back. I know WWE has always tried to cover up the returns as much as possible, but TNA usually advertises these returns in the hopes of gaining viewership.

Therefore, if Bully Ray did return to WWE, what role or storyline do you think he would fit into? I think he could be pushed into a heel role, battling with the likes of John Cena. Cena has been saying for months now that if anyone wants to make it big in the WWE then they have to go through him to do it. What better way to bring Bully back, then to have Cena calling out to the back asking who else thinks they have what it takes to a be prime time player? Then the music hits, Bully Ray comes down the aisle and starts to pick apart everything that John Cena is made of, leading to a war of words, maybe even bringing back some thuganomics. At any rate, I think it could be a good start to adding him into the mix if he returns.

Obviously, this is all my opinion and is based on the perception, not fact that Bully Ray is leaving TNA and coming back to the WWE. The fun thing about being a fan and writing editorials is you are afforded the opportunity to think outside the box and elaborate on what you would like to see happen, not what you know will be the outcome. I’m curious to know what role you could see Bully Ray in if he comes back to the WWE. Will he be a heel or a face?

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