Can London Host WrestleMania XXXI?


For years I have been an avid fan of this website, intrigued by the different views you all have, the creative blogs and of course the news. I finally made the decision to sign up and have been granted the request to publish my work in this section, and as a Sports Journalism student from the UK; I hope most of you enjoy what I have to say and provide me with feedback I know the majority of fans on here can provide, so let’s get down to it.

What better way to start than by getting you USA citizens to disagree with me, and as you can see in the title, I ask can London host the prestigious WrestleMania event?

The WWE has followers all over the world and, whilst the popularity in the United Kingdom has always been immense, that has been proven over the past month or so as the WWE toured England.

On Monday 11 November 2013 I was in attendance for the live taping of Monday Night Raw at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester, which was also my very first event I attended in person; and I can honestly say I have never been more impressed.

Over 13,000 of us fans coming together to ensure that our American counterparts watch the show and realise just what the WWE means to us. We chanted for everything, chanting ‘we are awesome’ to a massive Mexican wave which lasted around seven or eight rounds, chanting for tables during a divas match and even ensuring that a man dressed as Superman did not go unnoticed, and he didn’t.

The atmosphere was so electric, that once the cameras switched off, CM Punk stayed in the ring and told the fans what a humbling experience it was to wrestle in front of the crowd and can’t wait to wrestle there again, it just showed us what really happens during commercials and after the show goes off air, something you guys see a lot more of.

The reason the atmosphere is always so amazing in England is because we are used to watching them on our television sets, so when we finally do see the superstars in person, we appreciate every single moment as it only comes around every so often and we try our level best to make sure we leave a lasting impression.

John Cena did a similar act to that of CM Punk during the house show in London a number of weeks ago, taking the microphone and saying how impressed he was with the crowd, so much so, he said that London is deserving of the company’s biggest event.

John Cena addressed the crowd at the O2 Arena in London, praising them for their support and suggesting WWE should look to London as a possible destination for WrestleMania 31.

WrestleMania XXX will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana and there is no word as to where the WWE want to take the event in 2015. There has been talk of bringing a pay-per-view back to England, but if London can manage to capture the WrestleMania event, that would certainly beat all expectations.

We have hosted pay-per-view events before, we have had exclusive UK pay-per-views such as Rebellion and Insurrextion, but the biggest was certainly the SummerSlam event which Wembley hosted in 1992, something we hold close to us.

John Cena did refer to Wembley Stadium in his promo, and would certainly fit the bill for a fantastic venue as the WWE has overwhelming attendance figures for the event, and with a capacity of 90,000 the WWE would have nothing to worry about.

So, can London really host a WrestleMania event?

Of course we can – and make sure it is very successful.

Wembley is a venue for legends. We have a stadium with a structure that can host such a prestigious event. We are famous for our unreliable weather, but Wembley has the retractable roof which would ensure that not even the most torrential weather could affect the event.

Large attendances are practically guaranteed. Thousands of UK fans will be turned away because fans from all over the world would not hesitate into making the trip. We have already had Madonna, countless entertainers selling out the stadim and the NFL games at Wembley, nothing can stop the WWE from bringing WrestleMania here.

The biggest issue would be the time difference, as viewers mainly in the USA would have to watch it during the day; which may not be convenient for them, it would definitely have to fit in as most of their pay-per-view buys come from the USA, so they would need to be accommodated first.

That is the only thing holding them back, there is no doubt people would want to travel, to watch WrestleMania and to see what England has to offer, and would certainly boost the WWE’s impressive international appeal.

We are capable of hosting the event, so much success with Commonwealth Games in 2002 and who can forget the Olympics in 2012, we do have the ability and the facilities to successfully host any event with great success, in any time frame.

The WWE will possibly be persuaded to bring the event here one day, not just because of the quantity of the crowds, but the quality, remaining enthusiastic and appreciating every little thing the company brings.

Do you think WrestleMania will ever take place in London? Or is the event too large and synonymous with America that it just will not make sense?

Also, I wish all you American folk a very Happy Thanksgiving, have a blast.

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