Can TNA Be Saved?


TNA wresting was once a compelling product, on a great and fitting network. It also once enjoyed an acclaimed roster. At one time I would even say TNA’s storytelling abilities were better then that of WWE’s. Alas, those days have come and gone and we have now what we call Impact Wrestling. Aside from Ethan Carter III and the Knockouts I have no reason to watch. I’d honestly rather watch a beat the clock challenge on Monday for the sole purpose that Paige, Banks and Lynch are in it (although I’ll admit the whole thing was a stinker there). Can TNA do anything to save their product? Can this once unique product be salvaged?

TNA has done a great job with ECIII, a man who WWE treated as comedy act Derrick Bateman. ECIII is the best heel on that roster and a decent in-ring performer, who’s excellent on the microphone and social media. His gimmick, in which he lives and breathes is that type of gimmick the average fan would understandably hate. He’s been great, so great he’s their World Champion. But can one man save this sinking ship? Of course not, so maybe try keeping the Knockouts strong too.

They [the Knockouts] been a compelling part of TNA programming for a while. The camera men at TNA deserve a lot of credit too during the entrances of the Knockouts. They’re good looking ladies who can get it done in the ring. Even the ex-WWE models who TNA acquired have improved. Focus the division, for now, around Awesome Kong, Brooke, The Dollhouse and Gail Kim. They’ve already done great creative work for the division, a Rebel heel turn, The Dollhouse and Gail Kim’s husband angle, it’s all been great. I mean aside from them tossing their title around like hot potato, I’ve been engaged.

The other thing we need to realize is Dixie Carter isn’t swimming in money at her mansion in Greenwich. Suggesting they sign big talents, bring Jim Ross in on commentary, or go on a tour that’ll just be cancelled is a ludicrous suggestion. However, one thing they could do is get rid of some dead weight talent and bring back, some TNA originals. Obviously, Sting, the Dudley’s, AJ Syles, etc. are not options. I’m not saying bring them all back, or all back at once but guys like Kazarian, Daniels, Sabin, Shelley, and so on bled and sweat to build this company. If done correctly and given the right situation, it would cause some buzz. Problem with this, if they miss payments to guys like Micah, Eli Drake or Rockstar Spud, guys of the stature of Sabin, Lethal or Petey Williams would not stand for it and would leave just as fast as they came back.

Another thing is, does anyone think that the GFW vs TNA angle is a better situation for GFW then TNA? Let’s just assume the rumors aren’t true that we will not see a GFW/TNA merger, or a flat out acquisition, let’s think about this for one moment. GFW has no television deal, and from pictures I saw from Amped tapings they need to focus more on getting butts in seats over a network deal. If you can’t even have a fan base for house shows what chance do you have on television? I digress, but TNA needs to focus on their own product and talents since there are no guarantees with Destination America. With Destination America also having a contractual “out clause”, they could be toast at any point. With GFW talents getting over on TNA talents on TNA’s show makes no sense to me. Unless the rumors about the two companies are true.

All these may be possible suggestions to turn the ship around. But do I really see a bright spot in the horizon for TNA? The answer is unfortunately no. As much as I’d like them too, the sports entertainment monopoly and juggernaut will be all that remains. With only WWE around we would have no choice but to accept WWE’s product or stop watching completely. With two companies going toe-to-toe it’s the fans that win and get to have a voice, and a choice. I don’t want to say goodbye to TNA but it is most certainly about to happen. Hopefully they can, or Ring of Honor or Lucha Underground step up because I don’t like not having variety in the sport/entertainment realm that I love.

Until next time!

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