​Chael Sonnen Discusses His Rumored Meeting With Michael Cole, Working For GFW & More


Chael Sonen recently spoke out, here are the highlights…

On Working With Global Force Wrestling: Ok, back to Global Force. Yes, it’s pretty cool and we have a wrestling genius. You have to understand, wrestling has been controlled in this country really by three families, ever: Crocketts, McMahons and the Jarretts. Wrestling today is only controlled today by two families: the McMahons and the Jarretts. So, we’ve got a wrestling genius behind us. I know it’s a risk, I’m coming on board with something that’s never been done. So many people have said that to me, “This isn’t a proven product even if you have Jeff on board.” I kind of look at it differently, I feel like it is proven. I think the Jarrett family has proved itself time and time and time again. Just because the three letters GFW are a little bit new the success that Jeff and his old man, rest in peace Jerry Jarrett, it’s historic. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of risk there. I just feel like there’s a lot of fun and a lot of entertainment.

Did He Have a Meeting With WWE and Michael Cole?: Well, yes and no. Ultimately the answer is no. Actually, I’m out in Oregon right now and we just had Piper’s funeral, rest his soul. I have a different stance on funerals. I was told as a kid by my father, “Funerals are a celebration of life, they’re not meant to be a sad moment.” I’ve always carried that with me. I’m one of the rare guys that shows up at a funeral in a good mood. You start telling stories, you start laughing and reminiscing. I’m coming from Piper’s funeral and I’m almost on a high right now because of some of the stories that people shared about him. From funny stuff to heart breaking stuff to, “Oh my goodness! I had no idea that happened!” At any rate, where I’m going with that is, my meeting with Michael Cole was a breakfast today. In light of what happened, the services got scheduled and we did not get together. We made the service instead. So, yes, you’re sources are accurate that it was supposed to happen. But, I never got to meet face to face with him, no.

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